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friday 04/08/2006

As stated in the game Game Help (left side of any page):

"I can't sell character either in public or private sales !

In order to prevent fraud, the sale of a character, besides directly selling it to Kate will be unlocked for your account after your first purchase of credits
at the shop."

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You need to buy credit from the shop not cards.

Hi I'm Collin and I have started a guild and wwe need people so if any one will join we will let you in it is called The Supreme Demons we need people please join.

Horray! That is good to know Fraggle smiley

It does not seem that there is any way to 'trade' a card without having to at least pay 50clintz.

thursday 03/08/2006

Any suggistons to add to my deck or to lvl them up

lvl 1 fifty
lvl max platoona
lvl max syd noze
lvl max natrang
lvl 4 (almost max)
lvl 2 flyer
lvl 1 hugo (almost 2)
lvl 1 morphun (almost 2)
lvl 2 candy jack
lvl 1 cell
lvl max wanda
lvl max yayoi
lvl max pulsar
lvl max carlos
lvl 1 venus (almost)
lvl 1 rebbeca
lvl 2 melissa

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Ok thanks (for quick response)... sorted alot of things out for me smiley

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Phew, it was a fun one. Thanks for fast fix =)

Wwwweellll... how about this, have it show the avg level of the cards in their deck, rather then their level. A players level as far as I can tell means next to nothing, but card levels mean everything.

Go to Player's Guilds in the menu on the left. There is an option there to create a new guild

There is a Eastern Schedule in events section of the Urban Rivals Yahoo group. It shows when every tournament is. If you are in a different timezone I * think * yahoo will convert it for you.


Bob81: unfortunatly, even if everybody here believe in a vast conspiracy of slow or timeout players just to make them loose, the truth is that the vast
majority of the "timeout players" are kids of 10-15, who just close the browser windows when they are pissed off.

Chronic, if you used eCheck, there will always be a bit of delay. Credit cards payments are almost immediate. (We added an entry in Shopping Help to
clarify this)

Anzvietbo2791 challenged me and never picked his first card and timed out. I'll try to challenge him again and see if he will time out again or just he/she was having problems.

If any one wants to join my guild they can its The Supreme Demons.

wednesday 02/08/2006

I'm going to publicly apologize to dizzyhitman *I think that's his/her screen name* I was playing, and then got distracted for IRL stuff and timed out, I'm very sorry and good name form what we had smiley.

I accept every fight unless I'm either A) teaching a friend to play, or B) am having some weird computer problemd.

If its A, I will refuse it, if its B, sadly you're looking at the timer. Just a heads up for who ever is keeping track that likes to play.

Mmm the smily faces are cute, and helps to show you who not to pick a battle with, what would be lovely is if they showed you the other person's smily face when you're being challanged, then you can know if you should accept or not. I've had everyone from newbies to level 50 DA people time out on me. I'm a green smily, so I'm not innocent, but the times I've timed out I still swear i never even entered those games. A friend of mine, and a fellow TG member has a good idea, how about a different lobby just for the tournaments? Maybe with a faster idle/disconnect time. At first people will not be happy, but people are rarely happy with change at first. I'm still proud of the fact I won a tounament, but it would be a better victory knowing people like Schubacca had a chance to play.

IPF people, I feel the love, if the man *giggles*, the staff, would allow names to be longer, I would proudly wear it, but TG is a guild of IPFers so in this case, I'm still with you.

And intorduce you all to The Gathering!

We're an honorable guild, and we're all fast players. Members of The Gathering, or *TG* as we add to our names will always play fast, will never time out and if we say Evo, it will be an EVO match. If a member of *TG* ever goes lower then a green smily face they will be removed from the guild. Also, if word of a *TG* member playing with out honor is made, I will do everything in my power to look into it if not remove them from the guild. You don't have to be a high level player, a power player or what ever it is called here, as long as you're honorable and play fast we'll gladly add you until you prove yourself unworthy, so Urban Rivals, welcome The Gathering I hope you're ready for us. smiley

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