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wednesday 02/08/2006

Hi there....i want to improve my deck with one Leader ... but i don´t know which of them i should choose. Can you give me an advice which of them is better? And what special abilitis they have? Thx you all

Yeah you can create a PayPal account with a bank account then on your paypal account transfer money from your bank to your PayPal account. This process of transfering money takes 3 - 5 buisness days though.

Hey do you have a credit card? If so just set up a paypal account. You can also set up a paypal account using your banc account number. Just some Ideas for you.

Who wins is not all about attack and power....
If you read the rules, there is an amount of chance in every fight.

(copy from the rules page)
"In a round, it's the Attack (ATK) of the characters that represents the chances of winning. If your character has an Attack of 10 and your opponent has the Attack of 5, it means that you have 10 chances over 15 to win, versus only 5 over 15 for your opponent."

A card with 1 attack still has a 2% chance to win agianst a card with 50 attack.

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Ok now that I got the post before out of the way. I always play fast and hate all the slow playing Time Out players. I've added the IPF to my name now

Ooh thank you much.
Morphun it is smiley.
BTW, I have a weird thought. Team bonus only work with different characters, right? So if I only had 2 Laos, they won't get bonus. So does that mean 2 Mophuns won't cancel each other out? smiley Or do leader bonuses don't stack anyway.

I think by fighting he means not letting them get away with it.

BTW, it will really help if we can see the infomation (ESPECIALLY fair play rating) of the person challenging us.

Here is the exact answer you need so you can refer to here.

Each character you own to exclude duplicate cards get you respect points calculated using this formula:

Points = level * number ov evelutions (Card's lvl)

If you have a Fifty lvl 1 and lvl it to lvl 2 you will get 8 respect points for that card.
the point break down for each lvl is:

lvl 1 gets you 4 respect points
lvl 2 gets you 8 respect points
lvl 3 gets you 12 respect points
lvl 4 gets you 16 respect points
lvl 5 gets you 20 respect points

Rank starts at Novice and goes up to Titan.

You can register on PayPal then choose the payment method on the right. It just says it's taking the payment through PayPal. You don't have to have a credit card to get a paypal account or put money into it.

I used to get the error, but now I use Mozilla for battles, and I haven't gotten it since.

When you take part in a tournament, the first half of winners gain 1 credit. to take part in a tournament, you just have to battle someone at a particular time so its possible you did it by accident. when you rank higher in the tournaments, you gain more clintz, but im not sure about credits.

hope this helps

tuesday 01/08/2006

A few times now i've wanted to send a message to my oppenent <i>after</i> the game has ended (e.g challenge me if you want to play again). would anyone else use this?

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Try using the java version (select it at hte bottom).

Use left click for yes, right click for no

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More or less the same number of battle points as you.


As a staff member I can guarrantee you that the price are real, it works and everything else smiley
Paying for your first credits at the shop will unlock the public/private sell feature so you will be able to trades your cards on the market (in
addition to buying on the market wich is available right from the start), you will also enable stars next to your nickname for 31 days.

monday 31/07/2006

Yup you don't win any cards but some clintz use to buy cards in the market

When you buy a pack what you get is picked at random based on what pack you get.

sunday 30/07/2006

Chellange me

My names are : Bunny_Love / And Sexy_DeeDee / on Urban Rivals

I'll, accept / unless I, need to go to bed

Hey People come and join me,you can talk all you want in ingles and espanol

You're in the right place, Kolinko! What kind of help do you need? Several of us board-users can help, or feel free to send me a message if you need anything!

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