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friday 09/06/2006

Lol i'm just saying
Zodiack, DJ Korr is like so awesome but
take No Nam for example
or so many characters i wanted them to look cool like
Narendra and Ratanah (make em cool) they're a pair for crying out loud
i cud understand the seq of chars like Zlatar or Zatman.. i mean from rich to filthy rich. and rich and old goes hand in hand. No problem
what do you think asik

thursday 08/06/2006

You were in the first half of players in the tournament!If you are in the first half you always get one free credit.

wednesday 07/06/2006

Play hard and earn a lots of battle points smiley

Thanks. Helped a lot.

tuesday 06/06/2006

There have been a few cases with the moogle mafia where people have wanted to join and when i go to sign them up there is no link for me to do so.

Ok thx a lot

Just for the record, i didn't write "% u201C 2 power %" the computer changed what i wrote to that. and thank you.

monday 05/06/2006

Sorry we don't provide phone purchase for the US, but you can use Paypal.

Exactly like Asik said, just take a look at the game rules and you'll
understand smiley
- Levels deals with your battle points
- Promotions (novice, senior, master etc..) deals with your cards
collection: the more you have (doubles don't count), the better they are
(a 5 stars card get more respect than a 2 stars card) will give you a
good promotion.

Everything (formula etc..) are explained in the game rules. smiley

Well smiley
To be clear:
- If you are the quitter of a game, even if you won 3 rounds, you won't
get any experience.
- If you are the quitter of a game, you'll be penalize and a lose a few

So there is really NO points in quitting a game, all that you earned
during the match will be lost. (On the contrary, the opponent will get's
his xp etc..).

About the level when you receive a challenge, it's a vast question.. it's
easy for us to do, but we decided otherwise because we didn't want
people to refuse chalenges from low-level players. We'll re-analyse this

Thanks for your comments.

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What's the point of this subject?

friday 02/06/2006

thursday 01/06/2006

I don't think people are afraid, they probably believe that you choose to play in ELO and thus will refuse challenge from "non Elo" players.

The easiest way not to be in Elo mode is to have a deck over 25 points (1 points per level for each character, a lvl 3 is 3 points) or to have the same card twice (possibly at different levels) in your deck. That is if you don't want to play in Elo mode smiley

You can find more information on the ELO mode in the Game Rules pages

wednesday 31/05/2006

Oh! I wondered about that! LOL i didnt think it made much sense lol

tuesday 30/05/2006

Yeah... but my parents dont allow me to buy stuff off of the internet ... They say its a "waste of my money"
Stupid parents..

Amen. That is the basics of this game and why I actually like it. Win,lose,I'm the guy with the grin.

Done deal. I already sent a reply. Thanks

sunday 28/05/2006

These levels are based on your collection of character. For each character you receive points equals to its current level * final level (ie. Lao, lvl 3 (final level is 5) brings you 3 * 5 = 15 points), each character counts only once (if you have spares, only the highest is taken into accounts). You start as novice and need 50 to be a senior, 150pts to be a master, 400 to be a guru, 800 to be an Imperator and 1400 to be a TItan.

saturday 27/05/2006

Congrats for your first leader smiley
Leader are specials, if you have 2 during a fight, their abilities are

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