tuesday 23/07/2013

Minimum lvl should be "greater" than that of a fortnight 15>14

and if you want to join send an application

monday 22/07/2013

smileysmileythis is the guild for active palyers we need more players those who dont have a guild or they arent guild memebers they r welcomed to my guild pls apply if u want to.my guilds on lvl 4 smileysmiley
smileysmileysmileysmileyTHE HELLZ RIDER


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sunday 21/07/2013

saturday 20/07/2013

You can message the support smiley



friday 19/07/2013

Hey everybody, I am Logan, I'm looking for cool and friendly people to play with. I'm not too big of a noob and I love challenging fights. smiley I may not have the most expensive characters ever, but I trust what I have and will gladly fight anybody. smiley

thursday 18/07/2013

If you change the word ELO to awesome, I totally have the guild for you...

This clan is for everyone. No limitations, just fun. And if your a fan of the fallout series even better. (Not a requirement) So come join the rangers and lets make a stance against the legion.(fallout references ftw)

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wednesday 17/07/2013

My name is Dean and I am the creator of Celtic Rivals, a guild that supports Celtic FC however I accept all kinds of players. We are all about having a good time, and you may use the guild as a way to trade, sell and chat to other players in order to recieve the full Urban Rivals experience. Please join, as I expect this to be one of the fastest growing guilds in Urban Rivals history! If you are ever in need of my assistance just message me or other members and Ill see how I can help. Thanks for reading!


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We are I new guild made today and looking members with ANY level, everyone is welcome, stay online and you are fine, join now! smiley


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tuesday 16/07/2013


The Digidestined is now recruiting


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monday 15/07/2013

In the end, ex-librarians win over people in-depends.

sunday 14/07/2013

Still places left

1 messages

Definitely looks like a promising guild, perhaps one that will smoke the cubans... I mean competition. smiley

smiley forgot the link

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Well he did say "Please join my guild!" in the post. So yeah, the title is wrong but technically the post is correct.
Sure, he didn't give a link, but he did say "my guild" after all... so I think it's simple to understand?

Give the new one some space... smiley

In 2 weeks AOP will have a new member fight. This is your chance to shine and maybe take it all the way to the top.

saturday 13/07/2013

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
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friday 12/07/2013

Guild:1953643 smiley

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