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monday 22/08/2016


Ayah, Brok, Friskah, Rad, Thorpah, Ymriah, Kalindra Cr, Suqi

wednesday 17/08/2016

La Junta = Boooom !!!

tuesday 16/08/2016

Wow considering this novice level i expect to face deadly Aldo along with no bonus and the beast globumm i aint go risk my clintz for that oh sorry (my time) lol

saturday 06/08/2016

Hello,I am looking for a deck/decks to pass Season 3 HQ 2 Arcade. Thanks to everyone.

^ If you're a noob what am I? smiley

monday 11/07/2016

Sahil i am laughing hard lmao smiley

friday 01/07/2016

9 messages

@HipHoppa for more solutions

tuesday 21/06/2016

Draheera , Toro, Methane, Rolph, Leviatonn, djengo , Arkn, , Z3r0 D34d

monday 20/06/2016

My Mystery Box seems to be stuck at 9/10 no matter which mode I win in. I tried this on the same acct. on the phone app but result is the same. Pls help

sunday 12/06/2016

@DanTe I disagree with the idea that Agustino is an exceptional card. Sure, it's easy to win a round with him, but with 2 damage it won't really matter.

saturday 04/06/2016

@masidu that means you are using cards that are penalized in DT , see this http://old.urban-rivals.com/en/game/tournaments/history/ - in that group A -25 , group B and group C cards are the cards that are penalized , so if u use any one of them you will get negative points smiley , for more information pm me smiley

tuesday 24/05/2016

That's kind of bad and kind of good

thursday 19/05/2016

Haha I know, but something's weird. I love the fact I get so much clintz from two or three matches smiley

wednesday 18/05/2016

tuesday 17/05/2016

Thank you!! Very fast reply too smiley

tuesday 10/05/2016

Phyllis is good, so is Artus.

thursday 28/04/2016

You can try this one, I made Top 10 with it.


friday 22/04/2016

I assume you're on a budget, or you would have included Trish. Nonetheless, with La Junta dmg is king. So Trish and Naja Ld are great 3-stars because they deal a massive 7 damage. In the deck above I'd sub one of them for Mileena. I prefer Arnie over Gatline as he can fork on Turn 3 for the win or the do-over. And of course, Raven/Pilzken for Brianna.

Lehane over ZRobbie though I think she has a penalty in DT (and is obviously ELO banned). Martha is noticeably absent and she's a nice card in mono (I'd almost use her over John). The rest are decent but you'll probably want to replace Harvey and Irene at some point, probably with a 5/3 combo (like martha, and maybe Pavel).

friday 15/04/2016

Sweet I'll stick westwood in and ill save up for pavel. Thanks!

sunday 10/04/2016

Nightmare: Oshitsune,Pan,Edwin,Crowen,Sukareto,Hubert,Crunchy/CybilPhyllis (which one you prefer),Sargh/Dieter/Erzsebet

Piranas: Amiral Coco,Hawkins,Taljion,Tyd,Puff,Raeth,Raskal/Sting/Coleridge/Scubb (which one you like),Rekved/Jasmine (personal preference)

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