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tuesday 30/06/2020

Blaaaaayn senpaaaaai noticed meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

It's limited because it is efc and certain clans are more used/strong

monday 29/06/2020

Oops that was just me. I had to recreate each hyperlink.

I had a “fun” experience with Kate in survivor that made me respect her more in survivor.

I was battling someone who had these following cards in the hand: Two Kuwaka (one of them was Kate), Seta and GraksmxxT Mt.
My hand was four random 5 star 9 power cards.

In the first round the first round the first Kuwaka got played and I decided to 0 pilz because I didn’t find it worth it. It turn out to be Kate... and from there I simple lost the match. I couldn’t do anything to comeback and I was so surprised by the bluff.

Kate is a strong bluff card if she copies the right cards

hot logo UR 32 messages

@Cutmyself : could you give me details about this glitch please?

saturday 27/06/2020

Just returning to Urban rivals. Thank you for all the work you have put into the site and keeping the brand alive. I will enjoy the free comic.

... But...

When is the Clint City Government becoming a clan?

wednesday 24/06/2020

Well @puchri.... The post is called and starting with ''Theme WEEK'' smiley

edited by DUC-KevinAFCA wednesday 24/06/2020, 12:54

I just scored 2 enigma out of 10 elite will be selling 1 message me with offers

monday 22/06/2020

Its understandable when a technical problem makes it seem like both parties are ignorning each other to feel annoyed. Thank you for taking back the comment.

friday 19/06/2020


Little (but tough) addition :
The closing of the war(ranking calculation, rewards, etc.) now happens at the end of the war instead of the end of recovering day, allowing the addition of a recovery day following a forfeit smiley

Any update on when this will get fixed? I know you all are busy with K stuff.

@OC_RB thanks, maybe i forgot something, but for me it's wierd

monday 15/06/2020

Oh wait, so the old bans are still in place and now we have these as well?! Daaaamn.... so I assume Cash prize EFC is just gonna become more and more restricted with each season with the final season being similar to old Z Palace where 10 cards from each clan were the only playable cards... ?? smiley

saturday 13/06/2020

I agree with @HD_Smile

Enigma is RNG and players choose to play
Great when we win
Let's try again next time if we lose
There's often another chance or method to obtain rare cards

Congrats to all winners
and good effort to us who didn't catch Enigma..next time next time

Whenever freaks gets a usefull card it gets banned. So dont get your hopes high @Kingshed

thursday 11/06/2020

"The multi-platform events extends the fun: Pocket City will be connected to its big brother Urban Rivals!"

Any clue what they mean by this AAA?

My fear is they'll use a tactic other game companies use to promote a new product. Offer a unique reward in the parent game (UR), that can only be acquired playing the new one (pocket city).

tuesday 09/06/2020

Thanks for the answer. I was confused because iclintz pack simulator just gave her from elite. smiley

I don't know when will the background change. But If you don't want the UR page get reload, then try to not click on the guy (on the left side) and the girl (on the right side). Just my little tips.

monday 08/06/2020

The hardest battle was against the 3 Molusko, also the Matches with Robert Cobb were very hard smiley

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