sunday 20/01/2013

*Clint City is our town...... We are Forgotten Heroes ....

This city is afraid of us..... We have seen its true face.......

Our city, We can not deny it..... Our city screams in pain.....

We are the old HEROES of this City and , because of criminals and polititions we were forgotten!

It's time to bring our city back with NO MERCY ...


*Guild label: 786 = No Mercy

*Guild Colors: Red-Black-white

*Guild Alliances: We Stand Alone.........

********************************Guild Requirements******************************

-you must speak english or use a translator at all times......

-you must respect other members....

-you must have the #s 786 in your name.......

-you must stay active till you get your gold stripes.....

*You earn what you get....No free cards or clintz for anyone....

If a member wants to help you out, OK...
we are a guild that likes to help our fellow members....

But don't bother anyone or you will be kicked out!!!!!!!!!

A real gamer doesn't want anything for free.....

They want to achieve it and prove that they're one of the best.....

We want active members.......We want real gamers......

*We are automatically accepting members over level 50......

You must have the # 786 in your name if you want to be accepted....

Please do join our GUILD , Feel Free And HaPPy GaMing ...

Start Playing And Get Your Golden Stripes!!!!!!

ThanK You....


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saturday 19/01/2013

thursday 17/01/2013

Black Daggers is a guild designed to help newer players to improve their strategy and deck builds by the sharing of ideas on the forum. There is no minimum level, nor do we expect anything from our members, so if you want a guild that will offer help but not kick you out for inactivity or not contributing to forums, we are a good choice. English is advised but the founder also speaks Spanish.

Black Daggers es un gremio diseñada para ayudar los jugadores más nuevos que quieren mejorar sus estrategias y la construcción de sus barajas por compartir las ideas en el foro. No hay un nivel mínimo, y no esperamos ningún de nuestros miembros, entonces si quieres un gremio que ofrece la ayuda y no te echa para la inactividad o por que no contribuyo en los foros, somos una opción buena.
La capacidad para hablar el Ingles es preferida, pero el fundador habla el español.


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monday 14/01/2013

Hi, Im AquaSnake, the founder of guild:1889076. We are going to be a unique guild. A door to join the great guild City Kings and take part of their events and advantages.
To join us you only need lv 5, and know how to use google translator XD.
Why join us if they have lv +5 too? Because if you do, you will join them ready for all, with experience and they will trust you because you come from the "farm guild". If you apply directly you will have to pass some "security" questions and wait to know if you will be accepted or not too.

Remember, they are lv +5 now, but we're their "farm guild", so they will elevate the lever to +25.

Well, we can give you the key to enter in City Kings, but what else could we make for you?
-We could teach you anything you need to know, even some tricks with decks, stars and points that only experienced players knows.
-We could give you our frienship, what will make you feel here like in your home.
-We could offer you to take part in some events of the Main Guild, City Kings, so you can "taste" your future home and know a bit your future friends and allies.

So if you have read all and wants to join us keep reading, here is the link:

sunday 13/01/2013

Please use this forum to introduce yourself smiley

saturday 12/01/2013

Thanks, Alha. smiley

Now that SimonW is back, I think there'll be more stories to read on the board. smiley

friday 11/01/2013

If you would like to join my guild night school ill accept you on the condition that you at least read the message board every so often

wednesday 09/01/2013

Got a great new guild events which happen all year around,smiley if your looking for a guild with lots of fun activities and a place with great members this is the guild for you.

Night school

Night School #1-#3 in United States activity every week try it out

Night School it's almost lvl 14 but its #1-#3 in activity we have events about once a month and there are prizes for the most active message board poster

Nice guild man

I made this guild for the people who hsve been rejected by other guilds continously, so that they can have a place to go to and become strong enough to challenge the dictators and disrespectfull guilds. I made this guild so people who have been disrespected can gain respect through strength and hell. Hellixandria was made so players can enjoy the game and still come at top as fearless and merciless. If your tired of all the garbage people say to you or about you, join Hellixandria so you can become strong not only through your own hard work , but through others also who have been through the simillar things as you have. Help Hellixandria, and Hellixandria will Help you, Join my guild, so we can be known as the guild to be feared and not mess with, click the link to join,

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monday 07/01/2013

Darkness filled the corridor as Zane crept through. Silence resonated of every wall, seeping through the dusty floor boards.
Zane’s dark eyes probed every inch of the walls as he walked past. Sweat gathered on his brow, but he was too impatient to wipe it away.
The darkness reached out to grab him.
He continued to run, trying to ignore the eerie tendrils of the shadows that crept towards him.
Fear gripped his heart.
He knew what had to be done; the only problem was doing it.
He groped his pocket clumsily.
The dark was fast approaching. The silence was haunting, as was the mythical creature that hid in the silence.
He found what he was searching for, a battered pocket watch.
He opened the pocket watch. Suddenly the darkness stopped, like a dog on a leash, it waited to be released.
The pocket watch glowed with a strange golden light; it lit the corridors and swept the shadows back.
Then he saw it. There, just a few paces ahead of him, was the door, the number 13 clearly visible due to the pocket watches light.
He ran for it, the pocket watch falling behind him.
The darkness returned.
His heart pounded furiously. His fingers slithered towards the door handle. As quietly as he could he opened the door.
Light flooded the darkness, bathing Zane with silvery rays.
Slowly, he lifted his right handed. He looked into the bewildered eyes that gazed up towards him.
Then, without a word, he pressed down the trigger.

Hi guys, I just joined this guild several days ago and I'm happy to be here.
It is active and grows so fast, you should come and join us smiley

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[RECR] = Recruitment
[INTRO] = Introduction
[LFG] = Looking For a Guild
[RP] = Role play / Fanfic


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

Looking for players new to the game or not. Looking for those who plan to play often and those who can help manage the guild. Looking for those looking for fun.


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sunday 06/01/2013

And new option within guild is avabile as we offer guides how to play specific modes.

Just an update to let everyone know how we are doing.

Over the past two days we have seen steady growth with 8 members now. Our forums are growing and we are hours away from reaching level 2.

Thanks to everyone who has already joined us. smiley

Good luck smiley

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