sunday 06/01/2013

Just an update to let everyone know how we are doing.

Over the past two days we have seen steady growth with 8 members now. Our forums are growing and we are hours away from reaching level 2.

Thanks to everyone who has already joined us. smiley

Good luck smiley

friday 04/01/2013

Allow me to join, I'll try my best... smiley

A good school to start join now smiley

thursday 03/01/2013

Welcome to Aeon, this guild is for all levels just leave us a request and we'll see to it as soon as possible.

The members here aren't the best, however we have fun! To optimise your experience here at Aeon we would like English Speaking members.

wednesday 02/01/2013

Yeah the awkward moment when everybody needs a guild but no one wants to join a brand new. smiley
Come on!!! Let's make it better. I know that the start is always the hardest, but the very first steps has to be done smiley
Am i right? smiley

tuesday 01/01/2013

I don't know why it doesn't show the Link to the Guild but here it is :

saturday 29/12/2012

Hi everyone,

I'm here obviously because I'm looking for a guild, I was in few guilds so far but I found all the time the same problems, people were not helpful smiley there is a big difference between what people think and write and in the end what they actually do, but never mind, I still didn't lost the hope to find finally one day that guild right for me. smiley

What I'm looking for is a guild where members are really helpful at anytime, where the board is REALLY active all the time! I'm looking for friendly guild mates, patients with me, cuz I'm noob and I have a lot to learn, and for that I got a mountain of questions all the time (I can make really alive the board on my own if I want smiley ) I'm looking for a guild where we can do many events, that is really alive all the time and that I can experience completely this game how it have to be, I'm looking for a place where I can build maybe some new virtual friendships and stay for long time smiley

I'm almost level 35, I play not that much, but not even I'm not playing at all, is all because my confidence, once I will be more confident I will play lots more, and is here that my new guild should help me for, as I already said I have a lots of questions and I'm really motivated to learn and improve, if someone will look after me and help me to become a good player smiley

So if anyone think that your guild is the right place for me, I'm waiting impatiently for your answer, thanks smiley

Looking for an elo active guild, with good rewards? idk just want something active

friday 28/12/2012

If you like the show, if you want to talk about the show, if you dont want people to judge you cause you watch the show. Then this guild is for you. We are applying people to join the Bronies and we are very helpful to give tips on deck making.(of our points on the decks)

For more info pm me.


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Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

thursday 27/12/2012

smiley ++WELCOME++ smiley guild:1880703

Join the Hall of Dub today! Information is listed in the guild. Level 10+ and up, Everyone is welcome at the Hall of Dub! Learn strategies and eventually fun events that will benefit all. Nothing but the best in this new hit guild. We will dominate the UR world. MEMBERS MUST BE ACTIVE! So Join up! Questions?
Just ask below!!! Thanks!smiley
v guild:1880703

Elite guild on the rise, looking for serious fighters to level this young guild
to the max, right now the only benefits is what you earn on the battle field.
bonuses will come later by staying active. level 5 & up are welcome. with
a game room & private forum at your disposal, should make learning the
art of war easy & fun.. join now & lets get this party started!!!


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tuesday 25/12/2012

Harbingers of Ares, the one guild you can never leave after you join. smiley

monday 24/12/2012

We are official we got 5

Nice, join LEGENDZ as its a recently started guild, i re-joined urban rivals 2.5 weeks ago as well, where looking for people like u to join

sunday 23/12/2012

@jamox360 you get special bonuses such as clintz 20%+ or battle points 20%+

We'll become the first champions in all categories.
We are an international guild,with players from UK,italy,US and much more.
Just ask if you think you have the makings of a true and winning champion. smiley
If you want to become champion, just ask in this guild grow together, all together, and we get more and more upward to become the best there is on Urban Rivals.
Our key word and word of honor is "WE CAN,ALL TOGETHER". : D

The requirements to enter are the following:

- Knowledge and use of the English language;
- Level minimum is ( 20 );
- Education;
- Sportsmanship;
- Want to have fun and Want to reach the champions top in all categories:
These are Elo , Tourney , Survivor Elo , Survivor Extended and Deathmatch smiley

If you are interested in taking a look at our Guild, the link is:


Please, we want serious people available who wants to fight to reach the "top" of European and world rankings of Urban Rivals, we will have fun together, winning though! : D

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