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wednesday 27/09/2006

I'm with you lol everyone only talks about there Elo deck.

sunday 24/09/2006

I just got another one

The ones that i'm selling are on the market. In the moment i'm trying to do a Uppers/Sentinel.

Ok, Now I am getting money to something like 20k clintz.

Thanks for the tip man!!!
More help more help!

Make sure u have all legal cards and that the 8 cards total stars does not go over 25

saturday 23/09/2006

I got a no nam, a wardog, a nobrocybix, and a diater

I want to make a Montana/Nightmare Deck
Do you think it's can work well?
this is the deck I've made-

Don (5)
Ottavia (3)
Pino (2)
Mort Bax OR Flesh Pimp (help me choose here)(4)

Nightmare -
Mojo (3)
Dieter (3)
K Cube (2)
Melluzine (3)

This Deck would be good in ELO Mode? X:

I just started and my only source of clintz is battling regularly and playing a tournament or two over the weekend. So all I can get is a crappy, cheap card every few days. Here's my deck so far (the numbers next to the name is their level currently):

GHEIST-Vladamir 4/5

Junkz-Acid DC 3/3

Nightmare-Candy Jack 3/4
Cell 1/3
K Cube 2/2

Pussycats-Ninja Nyne 4/4

Roots-Ataoualpet 3/3

Sakrohm-Uranus 3/3

Ulu Watu-Nympheea 3/3
Razor 4/4

Uppers-Maeva 3/3

friday 22/09/2006

thursday 21/09/2006

I just started not to long ago and i could realy use some help with my deck

this is what i got so far

mini mosu
xia leming
noon steevens

plz help me wiht some advise to make a better deck

also i am planing on playing elo when i can at 20

wednesday 20/09/2006

Lol Unless you run into something that lowers the attack.smileysmileysmiley

KW = Killer Wangs? Wong Ton Soup!

tuesday 19/09/2006

friday 15/09/2006

Happened once so far but i won that one cuz my opponent had a even crappier hand XD

tuesday 12/09/2006

This is my deck at the moment
the current deck is for evo when i hit 20
can i get some advise and maybe some hints to make it better(plz dont go over board i am still kinda poor)

current deck:
mini mosu

cards not in deck:
xia leming

monday 11/09/2006

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Ok u want a stratagy send me all your cards

infact just send me your credit card number and social security number

great stratagy dont u think

saturday 09/09/2006

I have a jane ramba already i just need a uranus

Ask 2cool
from qatarasian

How good is the sakrohm guild in evo?

tuesday 05/09/2006

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