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tuesday 11/08

This is amazing!

I also try to assign value to Pillz spent vs damage/life difference in game as well when making my calculations. Any thoughts as to how much 1 Pillz is in terms of life at the start of round 1?

For instance if i know i can spend 2 more pillz than the opponent to do at least 4 damage that is a win for the round. If i can make the opponent spend more than 1 pillz to do 2 or less damage that is a win for the round as well. I feel my equation is less scientific than yours so im curious how you would weight them.

You can sell them any way you like to kate smiley

monday 10/08

Cards on sale for more than 50m are getting annoying. smiley

sunday 09/08

Colossus is atleast 100% of the collection but URs % is a little odd as the first 100% dosnt count Crs, Mythics (and I think it dosnt count lds).

Each Cr and mythic pushes it above 100% but this means you can not have some non-crs and still be 100% or above if you have some crs e.c.t

saturday 08/08

Montana is decent for EFC and survivor (very expensive in survivor though).
For survivor your best bet is gheist+rocktana it gives you a pretty cheap competitive deck.
For EFc follow EFC Stats For competitive clans and cards

friday 07/08

Update to the regular members

Segar the vegetable eating shipmate

Using the same startegy...saves a lot of timesmiley

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Wow we have some econ/finance folks here. As you know spikey you cant sense a peak/time the market smiley

wednesday 05/08

Yeah, just a standard damage reduction will suffice but I'll keep you suggestions because I totally forgot about orka

tuesday 04/08

Just realized there is still one star available, so maybe Olga on Shazam

Kalosss and dante I'm on 95 percent

monday 03/08

sunday 02/08

Nothing fishy happens. Prices were going up allready due to BM missions and then the hint pushed it higher.

But the text always shows 56/50, they need to put how many spins we actually have every day

Hi, Please post in english on the English forums.

saturday 01/08


Hints are not given to individual players but UR likes to put them on instagram, In stories and Bios and In mission names.

Lost Hogs new artwork got posted on instagram a few days before his BM mission so people brought him incase he got a BM or mythic.

For Jackie there was a mission created which was called The First Lady will make you rich
Win 86 rounds with any card.

People brought Jackies incase it was a BM or Mythic hint. They also brought Lady (Her price was 400k+ yesterday incase she went CR. Nothings happened to her so she went down and no ones talking about her going up just Jackie because her guess was correct.

thursday 30/07

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