sunday 28/09/2008

Congrats, enjoy moderating.

Good luck and be fun blacklisting and banning. smiley

sunday 14/09/2008

So when are we going to see the results of Miss Clint City? Not to be pushy, I'm just curious.

friday 12/09/2008

: yes.. Uppers do.. but 2 of them are ELO banned and 1 of them is a 5* which really collides on other clans.. ( except PC )
: it always depend on how you use your pills and cards well..
: it doesn't mean that comparing them to a green-gem clan will make them weak.. you don't always face Uppers in ELO, since the 2 crowns are banned..

thursday 11/09/2008

Go Maamoon! It's awesome. I'm considering Darth come there hsan't been any good new cards?

Im so sick and tired of people trying to say Rolph is meant to be strong if that was the case then why is taneavera banned, because he was considered to be too powerful. He is 5* and he is meant to be powerful.
1. There is no way in the world you can say Levatonn is too powerful and I don't consider him to be. So stop trying to bring him up.
2. This is no longer a game where the base stats of a card are a determining factor on weather is card is played or not. The game is ability dominated and when you consider that, gheist and roots already have the ability restrict your ability.
3. When you combine the fact that Rolph can not only stop ability but also reduce power then he nearly is a taneareva for the gheist.
4. I clearly stated that instead of banning Rolph, Toro, Methane, or Bloodh (to be included), I would rather UR remove cards off of the ban list to make other clan more playable.
5. Don't you ever try to say I'm whining about anything because when Uppers where all over the place I bet you were on the side of banning cards from that clan.

tuesday 09/09/2008

I'm very glad because of you!You for sure deserves to be moderator.And i hopes that it would be more and more people candidates for mods to join the club.smiley

Well sorry to break the news OTV_AVITAR theres already some card that meet your standers but are not rares. Rares really aren't that good because there hard to get in packs.

Heres a list of cards that meet your standers or are better
Rico With his ability hes stronger then a 8 power card
Ratanah one more damage then you said and has a great ability

La junta
Bruce 8/5 with Bonus
Chiro way stronger with ability and bonus
Wardog with Bonus

monday 08/09/2008

You can say hi to Miss Lulabee already ...
She has 5 sexy pictures already I cant wait for the next 4-5 smiley

monday 18/08/2008

Oh so here's the deal. It's not a bug. From Midnight to 4am Paris time on Monday (3pm PST to 7pm PST on Sunday) ELO goes into it's 'dead zone'. Basically fights don't count towards scores or whatnot. Consider it a time to get a feel for your new decks.


sunday 17/08/2008

Bugs and Technical Issues and problems are to be directed to customer support, we will not be able to fix your problems if you just direct them here in the forums..and as much as possible, please include screenshots

saturday 02/08/2008

Wasn't Bree the po-dunk town next to the Shire? Doesn't seem to have much to do with a bored housewife/surfer with a bad C-section scar...

friday 01/08/2008

Yeah they should do, give it time though
i think fang pi pussycats and uppers

wednesday 30/07/2008

Isnt this thread a little outdated already ?

tuesday 29/07/2008

Speedstar: having a part of random or no random is just different. Neither is stupid or "worthless". We understand some like with random, some without. We now alternate to please everybody. And no, you cannot lose if you attack is x2, you must be doing the math wrong.
Subject close now, we wont accept rants about random/no random anymore.

tuesday 22/07/2008

We had an unfortunate case where a number of players were scammed by the owner of these two accounts. While we have put an end to the scamming a number of people have not had their cards/clintz returned.

If you are one of those people, please contact me. I will be checking vs the sales history and the known guilds she has joined and left. I have already asked some of those guild leaders to inform their guilds about this and hopefully this announcement will get the rest.

We of the Urban Rivals Staff deeply apologize for this unfortunate event. However we have put an end and now all that is left is to clean up the mess.

Thank you for your understanding.


friday 18/07/2008

I was joking

No random in types 1 & 2?
That'd make me more than happy. I know many others who feel the same way.
Since so many people hate random and new players get confused by it, it would be best
to just have one random room and keep everything else (ESPECIALLY tourneys) non-random.smiley

sunday 06/07/2008

Randomness in daily tournaments will not be removed because of cheating, fairness and FUN. You still have the option to play in ELO norandom during tournaments. Daily Tournaments are more a "marathon" than a real competition.
For thoses chasing the tourney star, we'll add more ways to get it.

friday 04/07/2008

I think overall this game has done a wonderful job of making sure none of the clans are overpowered, good job and keep it up smiley

wednesday 25/06/2008

Yea like oxygen said I like the first bug

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