sunday 25/05/2008

Since Leviatonn is not just a freak of nature but a grown-in-a-jar made by sick-minded scientist freak of nature, he can be surely mended after his dead.

Melluzine and whoever else dies from nightmare clan cant be considered dead cos of the nightmare's waking-up-dead-people skills.

Last thing is Lilith - i think if shes going to become a vampire she will probably become Cr and a new card of lilith will come out - i assume stronger and rare... but thats just a big IF and it will happen only if those who are responsible for making new card will stick to the story of those responsible for the comic

friday 09/05/2008

Just one suggestion.
can we move the delete preset to the other side of the interface?
for me(Firefox user) it's right next to the go back to the presets, and i nearly deleted my preset just because i wanted to go back to the presets...
nearly, but luckily not, but if i nearly did, i wouldn't be surprised if someone has already, or will.

Well the best thing to do is to make a chat room!!!!
also i would like to be able to select 2 clans in the public presets in order to find easier the combination i'm looking for!!!!

friday 11/04/2008

I think it is possible without any making problems to system, to somehow ease the pain for serious players about that issue, you can simply put that clock in a corner not to start over in every new turn, but to continue from where it was stoped last time when players threw a card.. and increase that time a little, then prevents the opposite player not to wait last second on each card to threw it.. I was thinking that 40 sec per card is just fine and considering you dont need time for last card 120 sec will be enough in Non Elo Rooms... I've noticed that Storm proposed similar answer but not sure what are the details, how she or he ment that system to works...

wednesday 09/04/2008

hot 100 messages

New card shown on momento mori's website.first seen in spanish

monday 31/03/2008

Public presets is the next big issue !!! smiley you should make a thread to discuss it somewhere

sunday 30/03/2008

@apostel: I checked your Collection and you got your leaders already.. I don't see what is your issue.
@TheScathed: now.

thursday 27/03/2008

Pumpkin owns!

We are in the process of fixing the situation, if you have been affected by the bug (in a good or bad way), you'll receive a private message from kate explaining what actions have been taken on your account.

monday 10/03/2008

Back to comments:

can there be a feature where we can comment on the actual clans?

This thread is not meant for flaming each other..
so..keep your cool people..
everyone has their ups and downs..we just have to make the most out of every situation to get the better out of them..both good ones, and bad ones..

sunday 09/03/2008

Ok Fraggle, since the other subject is closed, i've heard many say the same, whats up with the sms messaging, for the past two months i've been sending "PASS" to allopass, and im not getting any response, it worked before with no problems, everyone on UR and even my friends can't get through, is the system messed up or what, i need some creds, P.M. me if you can help or if you know anything about it. i've contacted allopass and they don't respond, and thats all i hear, "contact allopass" but it does no good if they don't respond, how many is having this problem??????

saturday 08/03/2008

We dont manage SMS directly. We CANNOT decide wich country will have SMS next. (it might even be blocked by the country's laws).
Be assured that we would LOVE to open all countries, but again, we do not decide.

wednesday 05/03/2008

I've figured it outsmileysmileysmiley Uppers were banned this week in ELO and all of those decks were half Upperssmiley That makes me even more impressed with the preset systemsmiley

tuesday 04/03/2008

@toddy,,, eh,,, ulu watu is good for now,,, ido believe we need new junkz,,, haven't seem them in a while now,,,,, as for all0star,,,eh,,,, they're ok i guess,,,,, montana would be one to mention tho,,, they only got but a few high power cards,,,, n i agree,,, a new leader would be koo.

@sexy,,,, lol

friday 29/02/2008

I don't think u can sign up anymore

sunday 24/02/2008

Woah these were good old times

saturday 23/02/2008

thursday 21/02/2008

Nightmare would be gods if -5 d min 1 was a leader (most get 1 or 2 life or kolos would do 5 damage)

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