saturday 23/02/2008

thursday 21/02/2008

Nightmare would be gods if -5 d min 1 was a leader (most get 1 or 2 life or kolos would do 5 damage)

monday 18/02/2008

Kolos Shouldve Looked Like How He Does In The Comic Than How He Does On The Card. He Looks Much Kooler. (I Also Have Kolos)

thursday 14/02/2008

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I've noticed the cards in my collection pro have recently started having their names in all lower case. is this intended?

Also, I've noticed when I buy/sell cards there is a delay in updating whether I have it or not (in the market).

wednesday 13/02/2008

Hey! Why can't my other nickname log in?? Is the site down?? If so why can this character could? i just made this today...would you mind checking!!!! I do not want to start from the beginning and collect those cards...i've spent a lot for credits...Help please..I love this game....

monday 11/02/2008

When will new comic come out?? And which clan story it will show??

sunday 10/02/2008

Meg looks like she is cold...

saturday 09/02/2008

Hmm what r u going to do now memento mori

wednesday 06/02/2008

The bug is now fixed.


We have just been noticed on the "quick battle" bug. (we never experienced it before)
We'll fix it asap.

friday 01/02/2008

What pack can i buy don it. i am thinking of buying some credits

monday 28/01/2008

The room was updated and look the same as the older tournament room
i think this was the game mods and admin's way to avoid people from having multiple accounts just to win the daily tournament
therefore, it is a very great move..

though, i can also see the point of the low level players, it is really hard to try to beat high level players so this serve as a disadvantage for them. on the other hand, this could also serve as a great way to teach them how to play better.

goodluck everybody!

wednesday 23/01/2008

We'll never have 100% agreements on that smiley
Subject closed my dear players.

monday 21/01/2008

I was there and i pwnd pumpkin the guys are great people and this game rocks smiley

monday 14/01/2008

Hmm..i think that elo right now kinda uninteresting for me..first my cards got banned then kate get cards?then if i'm right all of the cards is only given to 1300+..

sunday 13/01/2008

Nude: you should be able to preview them. Try to reload the preference page.

saturday 12/01/2008

Rolph looks awesome , power to gheist!

saturday 05/01/2008

I hope next time it will be the improvement of the gaME

friday 04/01/2008

Another possibility for a Leader Card would be Team Poison 2, min 1. Something like Kerry's brother, Dr. Death, turned his back on the Rescue clan by deciding the best way to help humanity is by thinning the herd of its weaker citizens through euphanasia.

@Pein: Probably right.

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