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Though unlikely to happen and has not happened yet, I will leave a note to use the protocol for dealing with Cr/Mt announcement trading disputes when dealing with cards that receive a SHIFT. The circumstances are similar to a Cr/Mt announcement. A card gets removed by the market temporarily then players can back to the market once it settles.

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


I searching for Jam&Earlxxt any exp i buy all ur copys for 135k each one

Oof, sorry about that

Close this. He's not level 20 and can't accept trades yet.


Pyro, other cards also listed in the post, perhaps?

Leaving that aside, i have acquired all Komboka cards i wanted. Now i'm only looking for other cards in this post, but since the title no longer reflects what i want, i think i'm going to lock the post.

Update: the card has now been sold, thank you all for your interest.

Offers pm me. Dont use this character.

Got some interesting offers but couldn't work a Deal for a Kiki-Trade out...
Anybody else who would like to trade his Kiki Cr + ??? for my Guru Cr 0XP?

Ridicule price for Djk, considering he have same price as Lyse Kiki and Guru...

monday 20/01

Dj Korr Cr 0xp - 17 500 000

Looking for offers. No clintz, just card trade offers please

Hello, you will unfortunately have to close this post, since there are no current market price for lady A which makes it hard to value her price

sunday 19/01

Memento is gone and I have Dj Korr Cr!

Also Scarlett is full

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