The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Threads created to sell avatars are no longer forbidden but can only be done so in general forum. Prices, example work, and conditions must clearly be specified.


Transactions of PFULLS, are forbidden all over Urban-Rivals' forum. If you want to continue with your sales/buying of these cards then you can do it privately. There's no stopping you from doing that but it will be your responsibility and not ours. If you experience any issues (scams) regarding these transactions then we are not able to help you with anything because it will be hard for us to track the levels of the card when they are already in your sale/purchase history.

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Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


As title said, min 230k/head.

I’m interested in lao cr, b mapple cr, or big5 (can add clintz for big5)

Pm your offer.



I offer:
Splata Cr 0 xp 4,5M
5 Tessa Cr 0 xp 3,8M/t
Berserkgirl Cr 0 xp 2,75M
Kalindra Cr 0 xp 2,2M
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp 1,9M
Caelus Cr 0 xp 1,5M

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Hi all, I hope to buy Nemo Mt for 3.3 million. PM me if interested. smiley

3 No Love 0xp 1,75m eachsmiley

thursday 23/05

Trading Xantiax Robb Cr for Ymirah Cr and Pr Cushing Cr.
Xantiax is about 3.3 mil right now, Ymirah and Cushing are 3 mil combined, so that's 300k profit for a trade, message if interested.

Btw Ymirah is full xp and I’ll take any xp No love

Trade done smiley
Please close

wednesday 22/05

I'm selling:
1 Jim Cr Full 1.190k
1 A Award Cr 770k
1 Dorian Cr 0xp 95k
6 Yoshida Full 30k/each
23 Yoshida 0xp 30k/each
21 Spudd Full 1k/each
14 Raoul 0xp 2k/each

PM for offers smiley

I have a few CRs 0 exp and I want to change for the same card full. Also, I ask for an amount of clintz (that is indicated next to the name of the character). Please, contace me on PM:

A Award Cr -35k
Cassio Cr -35k
Diego Cr -5k
Kerry Cr -30k
Lao Cr -50k
Nahi Cr -100k
Reine Cr -50k

Last month, I sold my Lao Cr for 3.5 million, with the clintz i just No Love and Atkinson. Cheaper prices then. smiley
Goodluck! smiley

Currently 195 000 clintz in the market. smileysmileysmiley

Value both at 4.5M. Feel free to counter.

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