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If your making a lottery event with a clintz entrance fee you are not allowed to keep any of the jackpot for yourself.

You need to set the ammount kept by the event creator to 0%

- 4 - Known Glitches -

smiley-- 4.1 - The mail glitch - http://pbrd.co/1mpcs5W

When you or a player gets accepted into the event, the 1st link on the after "For all information on the event, go to its web page: " does not work, it will redirect you to the list of events. You need to click on the link after the "events/?id_event=" or "You’ve been accepted for event:"

smiley-- 4.2 - The ungroup glitch
If you put a player in group A and then want to remove him from that group you must click on "no group" but problem is nothing happens. If you want to ungroup the player you must click on ungroup all players shortcut which can be frustrating because means everyone gets ungrouped. Another "solution" is putting all the players who needs to be ungrouped in a new group then deleting that group.

smiley-- 4.3 - The "guest" glitch - http://pbrd.co/1fHCxOV
If a players deletes their account they appear as guest, when pming everyone the pm gets stuck on guest and everyone past that point do not get a pm. For many days I did not realize that a guest was in my event so some players were getting PMs and some were not. Now I regularly check if there are any guests (which means I have to check many pages of players) in my event before sending PMs.

Example: The Infinite Universe, my solution was moving guest to the end of the list by removing points. You can also replace the guest player using the replace function next to his name.

smiley-- 4.4 - The BL'ed player PM glitch - http://pbrd.co/1mpcOcL
When sending a pm and some players in the event have a blacklist, after sending it normally shows a list of players who are blacklisted and did not receive the pm. After the pm to everyone is sent the list flashes for less than 1 sec so you cannot even read the list of players who have not received the pm. This happens on the internet browser Google Chrome.

smiley-- 4.5 - The battle history glitch
This one is extremely rare but can happen at any time. Sometimes after generating matches (all steps before done correctly) once players try to play, the event does not record the battles for some reason, the only way to fix this is once again generate the matches.


saturday 26/09

friday 25/09

sunday 20/09

sunday 13/09

wednesday 09/09

Comment 2500 here! smiley

thursday 03/09

The King of the PPs

This is a guild only event. To join you must be a member of Harbingers of Ares, so join up. smiley You will play each player in the event in 3 battles in the survivor type 1 format. Registration starts today and ends Monday, September 7 at 6 PM EST. The event ends Monday, September 28th..

Prizes so far:

Caelus Cr, Elya Cr, Emeth Cr, Lamar Cr, Maana Cercei Cr, Ombre Cr and Vickie Cr. More to come as people donate.

DJ Korr Cr donated by Tricky_HoA

Griffonmor donated by Lux Lux smiley

Captain Rescue, Akrakk, Kalindra Cr, Oon Cr, Vixen Cr, Askai Cr and Jam&Earlxxt donated by 0 Prophet

Lulabee Cr donated by C0co Drilo

Jam&Earlxxt, No Love, 4x Lorenzald donated by HoA Chivito

Don Cr, Romana Cr, Yayoi Cr, Roderick donated by Hawk HoA

Sledg Cr donated by Blondrok

Bankee Cr donated by FireBeastR

Merweiss Cr and Ielena Mt donated by DGZenos

Sooko, Bahari, Dwain Cr, RgX Pilum sent by Blaszdowski

wednesday 02/09

I'll take those nobrocibyx that he so much despises.

monday 31/08

The event will exist!!! Rules are coming soon: thumbsup:
You can already join with your main account: Urban Rivals Remake 2

The event will start on September 28.

monday 24/08

Don't forget to publish your performance in the Turkish part

saturday 15/08

Merci, j'ai les deux freros sur le thread mdrr
Vous régalez wallah

sunday 09/08

It used to be if you started searching before the tourney is done you get battle points for the fight, but recently I haven't been getting points for this? smiley smiley

wednesday 05/08

Phase 1 completed ... Soon The Two towers

thursday 30/07

Let me think of a hard one, so I can give Cortez Cr as prize

tuesday 28/07

No Love was not collected by destroyer pm, therefore, a new winner will get him. and it will be.......

Comment number 64 - -Szekspir-

Please collect No Love in 72 hours, if fails, then another winner will be announced after.

monday 27/07

That concludes todays Q&A! Thank you all for participating.
From doing this, I have learned a few things. Therefore, I will close this thread and start a version 3 next time.

few things to note, Rules are adjusted. Cost of prizes will be reduced as I think these questions are too easy for you guys hahaha.

Thank you all for participating!! look forward for the next one!

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