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All LD now have clintz bonus

Wouldnt it be cool to have card changes in a way similar to card history (i.e. realesed in.. turned cr in .. turned mt in..)
so someone could see for example how naga was before she even hadpill manipulation!

I think what UR is trying to do with this here is they’re trying to flush out all the broken staples and clan leaders from collector packs so the chart evens itself out somehow thus building a system where you have the regular collectors as the cheap end stuff and the mythics which are premium end collectors.

And as that occurs the cards that are weird common drops like Askai cr and sledg cr gradually move up the ranks eventually becoming higher end prizes and eventually mythics as those cards above them get flushed out and they become the most important available collector of their clans.

I mean that’s how I think it’s working and how id like to see it work since you have to let the market just do it’s thing organically instead of replacing one broken mythics spot with a new broken collector card being announced.

Have fun in grinding the missions there smiley

Hello everyone

Now that the Administrator is in the game, there new chances to get calculated. To help u guys, i made a sheet of every existing ability in the game, included semi abilities, leaders and oculus abilities. This list already give u the chance of hitting a specific ability when hazard is being used. This list will be updated everytime new cards are released, or old ones are updated. Hav fun and game on!!!

Google docs with all abilities

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Is there a way to select all the Crs or Mts in iclintz? i can only select one clan per once?

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Once you own a certain percentage of a clan (I think its 80%), you unlock that clan’s battle arena. You can set which one shows by clicking the ‘Game’ tab then ‘Characters’. You can also change it via your profile settings (which is also the only way to re-set the default, or set it to random).

Removed Kolos Trick as I see it hardly is relevant in today.

Kolos Trick is just using Ambre and #Kolos Cr together. Usually for 100 Attack and 12 Damage.

Updated the definition of Big 5 due to General Mt`s link not working.


To be fair the bm gave 900 commons. Five people doing the mission would mean 4500 new cards being added to iclintz system. It’s fair to assume that the Iclintz couldn’t handle so many cards being added at once.

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Not true

You can get phalloide from the ld mission

Eeok nd Gregor can only be obtained from arcade season 7


@Jake_WMD I'm just praying if those one ticket double mythic slot HH's ever return, it lasts at least a couple hours otherwise I'll still have a good chunk of my stash left smiley

Despite blowing out the market with inflation, Black Market Missions are super sweet because there's a reason to log in every day. It's basically the same excitement as collector announcements, but rather than 2-3 times a year now you can get some dopamine from cashing in your investments like once every couple weeks.

saturday 08/05

Erase the wof, instead alow to buy a new exclusive random pack, in that random pack you can get all of the things you normally got in the wof except for clintz ( crypto, common, uncommon, rare... and tickets), ticket now allows buying a cr pack o carmine draw. HH now is a HH pack and sell new exclusive cosmetic stuff in the shop like cards frames, backgrounds, exclusive packs like Majestic pack ( majestic frame, majestic background and YES Majestic card (not p2w lets me explain)), packs like new blood and special cards packs are what I think the best resource from acute games to get money, so lets them get the money they need it after all, I propose that all new cards are not allowing to EFC after a new season ( 4 weeks season) , so we all play with the last season allowed in equal conditions. One week before the new season they allow the new blood to get in the random pack also the special cards and also in the normal packs (more possibility to obtain new cards) . Regulate all the stuffs like max random packs per day, clintz price per pack .. etc etc etc

Please wait if the bm is bugged just wait for it to be fixed, please learn to read the past post regarding such issues. As it has been quite redundant seeing the way questions again and again.

I get it man ..my point was the lazy part, yeah ok it s time consuming but ...difficult..smileysmileysmiley
It s one thing to have to grind a bit or more than a bit for a "sure reward" and another to do haaard a** missions ...s all I m sayin!!
I get it though! Thing is I usually just do these to chill a bit and wouldnt u know it the 21s pile up after some time!!
gl eitherway!!smiley

friday 07/05

Bonus: +1 attack per opp final power

As technology advances, video games become a bigger part of life. For some, it's their whole life; the virtual world quickly becomes more preferable to the real one. But when the government starts trying to interfere with video games, this large, and ever growing community stands up in defiance

Clan: Gamerz
5* rare
Protection: Power and Attack
Known as the greatest retro gamer in Clint City, 1UP can usually be found at the arcade, filling up the High Score boards on every cabinet he touches.

Mad Mod
Clan: Gamerz
3* Uncommon
Copy Opp Attack Mod
Clint City's top video game modder, Mad Mod can alter any video game in any way he likes.

Clan: Gamerz
2* Common
-2 Opp Power min 5
N00B R0CK3R spends most of his days online, playing various Multiplayer games. He's infamous for his dramatic freakouts if/when he loses.

Now that Bryan has fled, we're waiting to see who is named the new La Junta leader

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