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Ling chung liung! wtf? cant play on this language please fix

In first post is link

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Quickbattle is unavailable? fix it pls

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Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


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Brilliant Artwork!


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Well, the problem is obviously that Musafar and Arturo in the same deck would be rid-DICK! So they had to ban one of them...

monday 30/03

Yeah, I can see your point. Also, "postulant" is French for "applicant"...

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Downloaded the Windows App for desktop. Game flickers during gameplay. Any way to fix this?

sunday 29/03

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Damn I only have time to play now and it’s about to end in 5 minutes smiley

Nice work doing what you can to help devs! smiley

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Someone lost and someone gained

friday 27/03

Let's ban the entire new clan from tourney...

wednesday 25/03

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@25 march 2020 Update@
new joke evo still not removed nor swapped with rightful last evo.

sunday 22/03

Looking at the high minimum of freaks bonus it does makes sense that they don't have high damage. The few cards with 7 damagde that they do have makes the oppnonet have 5 life in most mode. With that amount of life left, there bonus becomes useless.

Freaks are a trick clan meaning that they really only inflecting effect damage over the round instead of relaying on raw damage

friday 13/03

Terminus is a game mode in which the goal is to make it round 12 and win. You get 3 preselected (but randomly chosen) decks to get there with, and you lose a deck every time you lose a fight. The part that makes it especially difficult, however, is that you automatically lose the deck you are playing with after round 4 and 8. This means that to complete round 12, you must make it there without losing a single fight. There is also a bonus round 13 with a special deck, and you win enormous prizes if you can win that fight. The prizes naturally become larger as you progress further.

Hey UR, I love your game and all, but if you are going to make a push for e-sports and making the game more popular, you should consider correcting the many spelling errors in the game and fix some of the visual bugs such as power/damage not displaying correctly, pills/health not lighting up some of the time when a status occurs.

wednesday 11/03

Yeah that cant be right

monday 09/03

They made Lord Oon Ld's ability even better lmao. It has a minimum of 1 now so it beats all other -opp. atk. clans at 0 pills every time. I approve, Ld's should be OP. =p

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