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wednesday 31/12/2008

Yeah the staff will NEVER ask to give the password. i was 2 time in blacklistsmileysmiley and have some work but never ask from the passwoed

sunday 28/12/2008

Hmm..... its faster, and allows you to send messages quicker

friday 19/12/2008

It's released. smiley

thursday 18/12/2008

Lol well uk £1 is now 1 euro

thursday 04/12/2008

I just want sents, honestly
if new gheist come as well, i have no objections

saturday 29/11/2008


sunday 23/11/2008

There is so many buttons smiley
its really hard to make event but the hardest part is to find enough players.
little request- can you make letters little biger?


saturday 22/11/2008

Congrats Cauliflower smiley

wednesday 19/11/2008

The best new mod in my opinion, I know him (kind of XD) and he's a great person... smiley

Good luck! And stop hiding from this thread... XD

tuesday 18/11/2008

I think Griezzo is nice work the rest are good but i like the fact he is chained up (not that i have ever been smiley )

sunday 16/11/2008

Also the only way to get into an event you have created is to either join it and its on your homepage or search for it that just takes a bit of time i think all events you have created should be on your homepage

sunday 09/11/2008

Boris is the freaks leader

friday 07/11/2008

Make Sure U Have Adobe Flash Player Downloaded .

tuesday 04/11/2008

monday 03/11/2008

Sorry everybody.

friday 31/10/2008

Nah next should be Sakrohm and All Stars

wednesday 29/10/2008

tuesday 28/10/2008

smileywhere is she...smiley
please where she come to clintz city?smiley

Does it change for Australia as not all of our state have daylight savings ??smiley

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