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saturday 30/01/2010

Oi vey whens the next Miss Clint City coming?

friday 29/01/2010

5a.m. EST, apparently, Zeezrom

thursday 28/01/2010

Hola atodos smiley ok lil blacksmiley

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friday 15/01/2010

Not long now

monday 11/01/2010

You have most artists here http://urdb.kirlad.net/artists.php

Or you can go character by character and find who drew it.

friday 08/01/2010

@ jp is it funny how that match took 25 minutes? Plz don't. Abuse the system

friday 01/01/2010

Wow, Gheist is just too powerful now

friday 25/12/2009

How about a Junkz pillz manipulator so that there's a nice pillz manipulating half deck possible

thursday 24/12/2009

@grey_wolfe lol are you serious. do you seriously think i didn't know that. lol i do know that it was posted before he went cr. why don't you check your facts first

tuesday 15/12/2009

BTW Happy is a bad cat smiley
thanks for sharing!!
don't get dissapointed if they ditch the whole project because you spoiled the link

sunday 13/12/2009

No matter which way I think the mods should just close this thread at this point.


You cant please anyone with the changes made aparently.

The DT players who can adapt and continue to win will win.
Those who can't adapt will quit.
The new crop of players will still learn from the old players who were able to adapt.
UR Staff will continue to make changes and adjustment.

If you can go with the changes, you can continue to win. If you play play play, this can happen. If you compete with the best, you'll become better.

So how about we all stop complaining about this or that and just play? Even those who win DTs' experience a bad DT. I mean I had a suuuuuuper slow start yesterday in a DT and I managed to crack top 50. The DT after that I won. My point is that you should just play and accept the fact that you can't win every single dt you play.... maybe a couple in a row if your a really exceptional player, hehe.

As far as slow players.... they are still playing in the time alloted to them. I think people should be more upset with the people who time out on you on their second character.

thursday 10/12/2009

sunday 06/12/2009

friday 04/12/2009

I second yaoihuntresse... New Clan???

thursday 03/12/2009

Skeelz MUST have a newbie
i think all stars aswell

We indeed check every single lottery winner. (as we said previously).
I'm closing this thread.

wednesday 02/12/2009

Yikes. Major bumping.

And to clear you up. You do get more EXP for winning the match. Not much, but it doesn't hurt trying to win.

friday 20/11/2009

sentinel just got tobbie

saturday 07/11/2009

Adding on to the parody the sand guy is from spider man 3

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