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wednesday 07/10/2009

@Rift120: That's probably it smiley

monday 05/10/2009

The banned characters have now appeared..smiley

thursday 01/10/2009

I want another good banger card 2 in a row like fang pi

wednesday 30/09/2009

Thanks for adding those options, another good change

sunday 20/09/2009

Anibal looks like the thing with eyes in his hands of pans labyrinth. good addition to gheist though and badly needed.

wednesday 09/09/2009

Mmmmm chocolate cookies dools like homer

sunday 06/09/2009

WOOO i fall into that category smiley

tuesday 01/09/2009

B00mshot@ No she's a rare.

friday 28/08/2009

1 more hour smiley
i hope they release useful ones

sunday 23/08/2009

monday 17/08/2009

Everyone thought the new rescue would suck and hes amazing.

friday 14/08/2009

Id like cards to be introduced by comics, that would be cool

saturday 01/08/2009

Dr_Ido isn't too fond of internet messages boards so he'll not come here very often. He's very much still in the company smiley
Please guys & gals, do not hijack forum threads for unrelated messages, thanks.

I close this thread, feel free to send detailed bug report to the support team ("contact us"smiley if you have any remaining issue with the new QB.

friday 31/07/2009

Oppers, Piranas, Roots, and junkz next time.

thursday 30/07/2009

@prefontaine: a little mix-up, fixed.

tuesday 28/07/2009

Yup, I'm here smiley
I don't really play except for events

monday 27/07/2009

saturday 18/07/2009

I think this topic has been discussed at great length.
One thing to remember :
NEVER give your password to ANYONE

friday 17/07/2009

I'm guessing 4:30-5:00 eastern.

Cards I want to have a Skeelz Cunterpart:


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