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Lyse Teria Mt and DJ Korr Cr are available, thanks smiley

Hello, i think it will be a good thing if you remove from the collection classment of iclintz the players who withdraw the acces to their collection, because at the moment a lot of collections on the classement are not up to date because the players leaved the site but their collection value stayed the same even if atm their are supposed to be lower with the wheel


I got B Mappè this time

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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Removed Kolos Trick as I see it hardly is relevant in today.

Kolos Trick is just using Ambre and Kolos Cr together. Usually for 100 Attack and 12 Damage.

Updated the definition of Big 5 due to General Mt`s link not working.

Vs player

Is there a 2019 guide? smiley

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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I'll drop by and take a look smiley smiley


New character time:
***Space-Time Manipulation Abilities (Blue)***

Endeavour the dark phoenix
Phaedre the controller of the gravitational powers

Update to chapter 4: The monsters
Karconte the psychopathic soul collector

The religion section - Repent – tribute to The Penitent One from blasphemous. In a clan like my Paradox clan, balance is rare thing. Because with all these unique personalities roaming my museum, it can be quite difficult to balance all of them. Luckily, I got Repent. Repent is a unique character. His amour is made of different kind of “gods” and is really making him terrifying. I respect him and his work and especially his moto. His moto is “Listen to your brain telling you what the right thing to do is, then turn to me. The decision that tip the balance comes from me, and I will put and end to your penance.” Its really a great moto and fit our theme well.

@piranga ok did not know this will be sure to zoom out in round 4 smiley

20 radek> 20 credits

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It's fixedsmiley

Haha very good im liking the effort you put by making bios as well smiley also this time its balanced lol

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Quick answer... no

thursday 28/05

Did somebody say Tutorial? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ_TD-CShL0o46CiucqDf8Zzyv7NI57cI smiley

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