tuesday 15/01

Update full xp trades done

I have scarlett mt i accept kiki and cash if you want

How about to stay and play?

Hi, im traiding Maximus (0xp) x2 + 1.1M clintz for No Love Full. PM.

My Ombre Cr full xp for your
Flavio Cr any xp and your Diyo Cr any xp

Hello, I’m looking to add a B Mappe any xp to mg collection, I’ve got a Vickie Cr 0xp, plenty of Clintz, and dozens of smaller crs and high value rares to offer, message me if you’re interested in negotiating!


I woul like to trade a Scarlett Mt for a Lyse Teria Cr and a B Mappe Cr.

Tks! smiley

Trade my kiki cr per Dj Korr Cr or any other offer

monday 14/01

Saw this after I saw you closed the other one sorry! Up!

Current offer:

Cannibal Jo Cr
Bmappe Cr
600K Clintz

For your:

Dj Korr Cr

I trade my Ndololo Cr 0xp (3M) for your Xantiax Robb Cr (2,7M) + 300K clintz.

PM me if you are interested.

[CHANGE] I can pay 1.4kk

Lao Cr or
#marylsa cr
i can add 1m for #Marylsa cr smiley, let me know if interested

2 received 3 more to go.

Selling my Robb Cr 0xp for 570k.

Trading my Dj Korr Cr 0xp for Guru Cr any xp

2 messages

491 187 my offer

sunday 13/01

NO LOVE 0 XP 2100K
2 DA 0 XP 1500K
RAGE 0 XP 390K

Lamar Cr 0xp 5M

Looking for cash
Sum Sam Cr 0xp 5.5M (if you offer Sum Sam Cr I will add 1M cash to make this deal happen)
Open to other offers

I Sell 7 Comanche 0 xp 300K/T
Only cash

Thx smiley

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