thursday 29/03/2018

Yes. But my price is Lower.

Full xp

Any XP, offering 700K
Pm if interested!! Just want 1.


I buy your Caelus Cr 0xp for 1M2 cash direct in PS !


Both 0XP

2 Butcher Braxton @ 630k/piece
1 Schatzi @ 830k or swap with Kenny Mt direct

Pm if interested

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Please delete thread. Forgot the header

Anybody want a Butcher Braxton pm me

Here is the list:

1 Schatzi - 900k
1 Leone - 200k
1 Jimmy - 30k
2 Digging Bill - 25k
1 Poppy Mary - 50k
1 Victor van Dort - 45k
1 Ditha - 25k
1 Nexus - 115k

wednesday 28/03/2018

I find it thanks To breakz132 smiley

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Buying a cheap Kenny Mt at any exp for 700k coins or trading Butcher Braxton 0xp and 100k for him

Pm if interested.

Hello,I am looking to sell 3 copies of Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp today at 2.3M each (cash only). If however you buy all 3 copies, you can have them at 6.6M (2.2M/t).Thank you smiley

Aldebaran Cr for Flavio Cr.

I have
9 Nellie full xp 25k each
23 Diana 0xp 34k each
10 Wilde 0xp 30k each
27 Ozzy 0xp 15k each

Looking for playable crs or cards, value all at market price smiley

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