sunday 08/07/2018

Collector available to exchange smiley

I have Elya Cr 0xp and wanna trade for other gold Crs in same price range or higher range. I will add either cash or card.

Priority: #Sigmund Cr 0xp (I add 600k) or Vickie Cr 0xp

Message me for fast reply. Open for other offers but no lot pls.

No, there was only one card like Death Adder and it was Cannibal jo who went Cr after 2months.
So nope, not like "any other card in this game"

Buy Dj Korr Cr - 4m,
if interested PM me I am willing to negotiate + - 500k

Personally I value Scarlett Mt (just a smidge under 19 mil) as much as her sister maybe a little more. I value Dregn MT at 700k even though his value right now is 500k but that's just my personal opinion considering hes the first leader of a clan to go MT. Just send me the card via private sales and I will send you the dregn or message me before doing the deal so that way You know Im ready to buy and send you the copies of Dregn.

I have for offer
1 Robert Cobb 150k
3 Solomon 110k
3 Vholt 90k
2 Melody 80k
total 430k for Captain Rescue any xp

saturday 07/07/2018

I have many cards for captain rescue i value at 380k
Pm for cards i have for him?

Or how many larry will you offer for eryton 0xp

Update: Elya Cr and Sylth Cr gone, no longer need NDololo Cr or #Sigmund Cr. Cannibal Jo Cr still up for grabs!


i want to trade my Kiki Cr (5*) for some cards. Just send me offers.
But i would prefer some Death adder´s.

PS: Sry for double post, i forgot to mention which card i want to trade...

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