saturday 25/05/2013

Smokey Cr is still availablesmiley

friday 24/05/2013

Looking for trade with 2.5k comp

I'm looking for a Sylth Cr (full or 0xp, 0xp pref.)

Willing to trade 0xp Dagg + 0xp Pandagram

Also, willing to work out other or different trades if interested/necessary.

PM or post, cmvs: 35k 17k and 18k respectively.

I trade Kenny Cr and Raeth both 0xp for
Emeth and Copper in Secure Trade!

I have 6 Mokras,(3 0xp,1half and 2 full),for sale/trade.

Looking for Tsubame,Shifou. smiley

For Guru Cr i can offer

Lyse Teria Cr
Splata Cr
+ 1 500 000 (1.5M) in clintz

PM me if interested

LOOL Booby. I was intending to post this in the french then on my other tab, I change it to english hence I posted it here. No wonder I cant find it. Thanks though smiley

Thx to people who traded it

I am looking for more trade smiley

I have to trade 1500 kristin 3lvl 0xp for your cr or playable cards.

You can of course buy all 1500 or in tranches 100 copies for example smiley

Private message me or post here if you are interested in smiley

3'000 clintz

thursday 23/05/2013

Looking for 30k cash now or 35k in cards smiley

Still here! Open for other offers!

Nvm...47k clintz in cash!

Looking for Mokras any level

7900 clintz per head
I am stopping at 8 copies of Mokra

Leave it in my PS and I will buy ASAP

3500 each, I`m even ready t change them for playable CRs

Buongiorno stamattina vi invito ad entrare nel bazar di zio asso smiley che ha tante cose belle tutte per voi smiley

allora cominciamo con :

2 lamar cr 0exp 435,5k a testa
2 sigmund cr (1 full+1 0exp) 455,5k testa
1 marlysa cr 1.31M
3 sylth cr (2 full+1 0exp)
1 caelus cr full 102,5k


cr giocabili
e carte dal valore superiore ai 20k

valuto ogni offerta, e scambio SOLO con scambio sicuro smiley per eventuali info non esitate a contattarmi
grazie smiley

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