wednesday 08/05/2013

Hi all
I wanna sell/trade my berserkgirl cr.
I think he is worth like 800k
Pm me your offer

Legnolax I'm sorry but I do not care cards 0XP

Sir B00BY sorry no

Hi smiley

I offer you :
Heegrn Cr 0 xp (9.5K)
C Wing 0 xp (6.5K)
Oflgn 0 xp (7.5K)
Dreadlash full xp (7.5K)
T GaanK 0 xp (3.5K)
2 Sekutor 0 xp (5.5K)

Total => 40K vs Dregn 0 xp
it's fear deal, Need only one Dregn 0 xp !

Please state price per unit smiley

Dj korr cr for your guru cr + 2.5m in cards or cash ? no lots over 30 please smiley

93 kawamashi cr 0 exp @ 5.3k a head = 493k
jackie cr - 130k
3k cash
630k is my offer

tuesday 07/05/2013

Please close. Thanks

Trading my marlysa cr 0xp for marlysa cr full + comp

pm me

Valuto uranus full 26k l'uno
Posso offrire:
1m 794k cash per 69 uranus full
5 beeboy 0xp 12k l'uno
3 yayoi 0xp 26k l'uno

I value uranus full 26k each
I can offer:
1m 794k cash for 69 uranus full
5 beeboy 0xp 12k each
3 yayoi 0xp 26k each

No more have slyth cr but i have
2 greow 0xp
5 psylo
2 niva
2 pegh
1 nyema
1 bragh
1 chill

no more need emeth , naginata , ray

also looking for ed 12 now

I have to sell or trade (prefer trade) 1500 copies Kristin 3 lvl 0xp!!

I want for it 750k cash or trade for cr/other cards

PM me smiley

Legend.........Dairy. Price

Still searching!

monday 06/05/2013

Want to sell 60 palmer at max lvl for 48k or highest bidding.

I buy stompah 0xp for 5400 clintz in private sales

Well i guess level 4 and full Xp are the same thing. smiley

[Sell/Trade] Jackie Cr, pm me if interested.

Exchange a GraksmxxT 0XP for one full complement more!
Offers in private message! Thank you!

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