monday 07/05/2018

Hello, I'm interested in buying 1 Comanche 0xp or full for 1.1kk cash.
Mp me, thanks smiley

Whars a kicker?

Within reasonable limits,yes!
Send me a pm with what you propose.

I offer Melissa Cr 0 xp for Jim Cr any xp

All three of those cards are gone guys, very sorry.

sunday 06/05/2018

My full xp Kiki Cr is up for sale for 18 million clintz. CASH ONLY.

As titled, I am interested in a having a Lao Cr. Please let me know how much you value him at and cards you may be looking for. Thanks.

Transaction Completed with:
1.) Serafina x 1
2.) Behemoth x 3
3.) Braxton x 3
4.) Judge Lynch x 2
5.) 75000 clintz

Deal closed.

Trade completed. Obtained Sigmund Cr with my Vickie Cr. Thanks.

Trade completed. Deal closed. Cheers.

saturday 05/05/2018

Have a Kiki Cr (0 exp.) to trade for the cards mentioned in title. See if we can sort the difference out with rare cards. I value Kiki Cr at 19.7m Thanks.

Deal closed through private sales: Guru Cr + 300k Clintz in exchange for Kiki Cr + Comanche.

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