tuesday 06/11/2018

Hi, i want to trade my bigs for mts and other cards above 1M

I have:
General Mt 0exp
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp
Guru Cr 0exp
DJ Korr Cr 0exp
2.5M clintz

And for now I want deals envolving at least 1 of this cards at any exp:
Cannibal Jo Cr
Kerozinn Mt
Nemo Mt

I evaluate everything at the current market prices
Send me your offers smiley

monday 05/11/2018

I put all on the market, pm if interested smiley

Sry, I have already done the trade smiley


Lamar Cr 0xp: 5m

Thanks smiley

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Just lock this and grave it.

I trade:
Manon Mt full exp 15m
Tessa Cr 0exp 3m

Looking for:
DJ Korr Cr 0exp/full 20m
#General Cr 0exp/full 15m

Im selling my Berserkgirl Cr by 3.2M
Send me PM to negociate.

Looking to sell or trade my 0xp Lyse Teria Cr (18M)

Looking for
Kiki Cr (17M)
#General Cr (15M)
Kerozinn Mt (8M)

Sold, lock this and grave please.

Hi, I am currently looking for some Cr's and Mt's.
I have:

General Cr - 0 exp x1
No Love - 0 exp x1
Death Adder - 0 exp x1 - full exp x2
Moukrok - 0 exp x1 - full exp x3
Sylth Cr - 0 exp x1
Behemoth - 0 exp x1
Lady - 0 exp x2
These are some that I'm willing to trade right now, but if you have some other characters that you want, you can ask me and I'll see if I have them.

The characters I'm looking for are (any exp will do):

Dregn Mt - Priority
Nemo Mt
Kerozinn Mt
Kenny Mt
Alec Mt
Lamar Cr - Priority
Tanaereva Cr - Priority
Caelus Cr

For more detailed info just DM me. Thanks.

Im looking for any xp Jackie Cr, i offer for her:
1.1m cash
1 0xp Uchtul Cr


A novice wants to buy all kerrys and two days later she becomes cr. I want a moderador to look into this

sunday 04/11/2018

saturday 03/11/2018

I am looking to trade my 0xp No Love for 1 Nemo Mt any xp. I will 400k on top.


friday 02/11/2018

1 more death adder up for trade for Aldebrana CR

Hey Sweex !! 10 Shogunn 0xp at 75k ??

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