tuesday 10/07/2018

Hi, I looking for Cannibal Jo Cr any xp(I rate 12m).
I trade Guru Cr 0 xp(I rate 22m) for Cannibal Jo + 10m cash

Pretty much title, put in private sales.

Hello everyone, I want to trade my Dj Korr Cr 0xp (23kk), and I'm looking for Cannibal Jo Cr, even full, (12kk). Contact me in pm, we'll talk about equalization in cash smiley

monday 09/07/2018

I can add +500k instead of 400k smiley

Q23 gets herss

Ill trade you how do I setup a private trade for my death adder

Also accept Ymirah Cr + compliment

Interested in
Valhala x 3 (105k each)

Pretty much title. Put in my Private sales.

When i was here this forum had life

21 Ratanah 0 xp for Cannibal Jo Cr

Yeah just saw that, I am really happy my favorite card getting redesign, hoping it will stay great like it's now smiley he deserves Mt title too.

Im looking to trade my sylth cr full xp for maana and raam.

2,9k / u

sunday 08/07/2018

His price doubled LOL gl

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