wednesday 28/03/2018

I have
9 Nellie full xp 25k each
23 Diana 0xp 34k each
10 Wilde 0xp 30k each
27 Ozzy 0xp 15k each

Looking for playable crs or cards, value all at market price smiley

Price can be discussed

I think i win.Put on my private sales,i will sleep,but tomorrow i buy.thanks smiley

tuesday 27/03/2018

Please put the cushing in my private sales. Thanks

Bonjour j'échange mes lots de cartes
10 Nellie full xp 25k/t
23 Diana 0xp 34k/t
10 Wilde 0xp 30k/t
27 Ozzy 0xp 15k/t

- Cash
- Jouable cartes/crs
Tu offrer smiley

I value my Manon Mt 0xp at 20m.

I value Dj Korr Cr at 22.9m. I prefer Dj Korr Cr at 0xp.

I will add on 2.9m.

Feel free to pm me if you are interested.

100 Zis found

Hi everyone,

I am trading 40 Noctezuma Cr 0xp VS 1 big 5 (except General Cr)

Have a good day smiley

#pussyxat are not famous?. maybe I’ll feed to Kate instead

What do you want?

Also, this thread is now closed. I still have a majority of what is in here, so PM for anything else. I am moving onto the next 3 clans.

15 Pr priest 0xp 34k/t


monday 26/03/2018

Market price is 2.520m


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