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wednesday 28/08/2013

General cr > Kiki cr .... Check the market ...
my General Cr 0 exp for your Kiki Cr + Tessa cr or Splata cr

All auctions should be done here if you want to start an auction thread and not by that link. Sorry but this is not allowed

edited by Cyber wednesday 28/08/2013, 02:57

Lyse teria cr + 100 amiral py cr + 1,5m cash?

tuesday 27/08/2013

Hello !

I want to sell my 40 deea 0exp for 2500 each deea 0 exp ( 40 x 2500 = 100k )

I am also looking for playable cr's

Thx, but please post on french forum

Still looking..

Hahah do you think?? why you dont go to market?? lol

Perfect! Thank you smiley

smiley ^
oh dear what ever have I started -_-

There is a system lag every once in a while that causes a delay of clintz transfer to your bank. it is there in the system, but is not showing properly smiley
@a mod, please reset his cache and the problem should be fixed smiley

monday 26/08/2013

Okay okay, Bone, please post in my existing thread too, yours is one of the 11 DJs on offer xD
I'll do that for ya smiley

No thanks, I'm not really looking for pack cards for my crs. I'm also interested in Tessa cr BTW everyone!

Congrats but wrong language section so I have to close this smiley

edited by Infiniti monday 26/08/2013, 17:31

Why so serious? LOL

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