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sunday 01/07/2012

ChuperChup - Senior - Fantastic Group of Heroes
Yesterday at 19:31
I heard he was excessively good at water polo, so his next challenge is to play horse polo!

When you reach lvl 30, then you can join our guild.

You only lack of the level so keep on playing mate smiley

saturday 30/06/2012

Uhhh so this means it isnt an american talking guild just so everyone knows

Wooooooooooooe dude your profile pic lol

friday 29/06/2012

We are recruiting players of all levels.
We share deck building tips as well as how to grow your clintz!! No rules no commitment needed. Just have fun and win win win!!! smiley

Join us at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1748932.

thursday 28/06/2012

LOL thanks Artemis forgot about the link... thanks though... Kind of embarrassing XD

How about turning your hypersumthin' stance to a Face Everything one?

Alam na fre.. smiley

I cant wait to see who our few last members will be smiley
Join now before its too late smiley

wednesday 27/06/2012

Hey can i join to

tuesday 26/06/2012

This looks like a good guild..... smiley

Ty bro, so many compliments smiley smiley

I want to join a competitive guild with competition so i can have fun and gain skill

monday 25/06/2012

sunday 24/06/2012

Join darkness prevails today!
a great guild for players of all levels!

Join Dtermination smiley

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