tuesday 24/07/2018

NDololo Cr sold for a high price...
Well no bonus for you, losers.

I value Korr 0xp 24M and kiki full at 19.5M (4.5M) but I can make a deal at 4M

monday 23/07/2018

Elya Cr is now 3m, Caelus Cr is now 1.1m, Dounia Mt is now 1.9m!

Is add 200k if i get a trade today! smiley

Cannibal Jo CR for 9.5 mil
Or 7.5 mil +1 copy of Death Adder
Pm if acceptable sale or sale/trade

sunday 22/07/2018

Ahh hell I messed the title up. I NEED a Nahi Cr

Goodluck in your hunt dude smiley

See market low offer for price estimate. 14 Dr six left / 6 Arn 2000 left, all cards are 0xp

My Rex Sweig for your Scarlacc even trade. First post or pm gets the deal. XP depends on what you have to offer.

Thanks a lot smiley Why would you think I offer only General Cr? I can offer other cards/clintz, but I want to resolve that individually. Good luck to you too.

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