monday 26/03/2018

Hello, I am buying Rolph 0xp at 40,500 /t .Leave him in my PS. Thank you.

Well looking at it, alter ego wins

grats bud ill send now

Locking thread because it is not in English.

Selling or trading Kenny Mt for clintz
Or cards not really looking for any particular so just pm with offer
I value him at 1 million clintz

I'm looking for Dregn

As the title said, pm if you wanna trade. smiley

My Dragomir for 340k or equivalent cards or card

Schatzi 0xp for Kenny Mt any xp straight trade. Pm if interested

Or straight trade for Cannibal Jo Cr

sunday 25/03/2018

Closing this. You can contact me by PM smiley

2.5 million straight clintz. Will negotiate if needed just message me, thank you smiley

I have a suggestion why do not you make a lottery?

Im selling Tsubame full xp to anyone that wants it. I want to get rid of it fast. So if interested please contact me quickly. And also If you would like Yoshida, also contact me. Thanks!

Buy Alec MT 3M

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