friday 01/02/2013

Hello, i offer a sah brinak a haaken a jane ramba cr and a chiara cr for blaaster cr

pm me if you are interested

thursday 31/01/2013

Done. You can close this thread. Thanks Mods. smiley

Deal is done plz close and thank you mods

At the price of 85,000 clintz in cash or cards ... I do not accept lots of cards higher than 10 units and do not accept cards 0XP ... offers in private

with staff smiley

Is gone. cheers

Like i sayed in title i have a lamar cr 0XP evaluated at 475k, and i change fim for a full one + complements in cash or cards.

send me your offers by PM.

thanks mods.

I sell my all cards, who want them, write message to me.

Trade done, close please

Hey folks,

I want to trade my Lyse Teria Cr full + x for a Guru Cr full.

I could add another Lao Cr 0xp to the mix if needed.

Pm me if you are interested.

And thanks to the mods for opening the thread.

10 caelus cr 0exp

I am looking to trade 2 x kenny cr for 1 blaaster cr.

I am looking to do this as many times as possible.

Please PM me with Offer / negotiations.


I would like to trade my Marco Cr 0 xp (42K) + Heegrn Cr 0 xp (10k) vs Your Dahia Cr 0 xp (52K)
I can add something if you like my offer smiley

Open the secure trade and put your Dahia Cr 0 xp then, negociate to me !

Kenny Cr 0 xp + Selina 0 xp + Lovhak 0 xp vs Your Dahia Cr 0 xp smiley

wednesday 30/01/2013

Im looking to trade my 0xp alec, valued at 145k for three 0xp copper.

Pm me to work something out, if interested.


2 Full Qubik Left!
5 Level 2!
and Veenyle Cr Still up for grabs!

Private exchange me ASAP.

You BL me because i have reason, good choice kid smiley

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