friday 28/12/2012

You are right, i guess my calculator messed up and i copied the incorrect number

so i'll state right here that yes my offer is Vickie Cr + Marco Cr + 51600 Clintz

final offer refers to the agreement we will come to if you decide to trade, meaning that you can negotiate with me, such as i dont have enough clints or whatnot

dont be picky on words, i find my offer pretty easy to understand, but sorry if it is too confusing

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Still available

As title said my ongh for haze and romana i will add 1k also smiley

Im already selling them.

thursday 27/12/2012

Currently I've accepted an offer for the Vicki CR. Thanks to all that made offers, once the trade is made I'll close this thread.

Trade caelus cr for blaaster cr full xp plus 48k

Also, not interested in bulk offers.

My mistake, the Dagg is full xp


Its a done deal smiley

If you dont have all cards also i accept cash!!! smiley

No,I accept also cards smiley

Hi, i´m looking for trade mi GraksmxxT (0exp) x GraksmxxT (full) + complement

PD: send your deals PM

Still open for offers


what i got:

Myke 1*
Chiro 1*
Burger 1*
Globumm 1*
Methane 1*
Orlok 1*
Cell 1*
Artus 2*
Eadh 1* or 2*
Vince 2* or 4*
Anakrohm 1* or 3*
Deadeye 1* or 3*
Katan 1*
Winston 1* or 3*

what im looking for Tula, Sheryl, Mawpin, Edwin, Ozzy, and Eklore in particular. Or any pill eaters i.e. Hawkins but open to trades for Nightmare, Piranas, Sakrohm and La Junta

All Cards gone

Ideally looking to trade my nahi cr for your lizbeth + kreen cr + compliment

but i'm open to other offers too.

thanks mods

Now it is 300, I think 300 is a fair price, as the market will fluctuate both up and down,

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