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monday 11/06/2012

Welcome to the Adachi Girls Guild

The Adachi Girls Guild is a Guild for girl players(Minimum level 5) We are not trying to hate guys or anything, it's just a Guild to show how good girls can be alone.

-Must be an active player( U do not need to sign in everyday, just at least every 3 days).

And when ur in:
-If u don't wanna miss out check in everyday or every week!
-There are all kinds of subjects that can be talked about that have to do with game!

The Adachi Girls Guild: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1730905

Plzz Join!!!

We are the Adachi Girls Guild!!
Let's show all the Players what we can do!!!
Let's become known between all guilds!!!
Join now!!! And become a part of that!!!


Please stop making new recruitment threads and use the current one. Thanks smiley


Your guild already has a recruitment thread


sunday 10/06/2012


saturday 09/06/2012

This is a new guild so please have some comprehension.. When I say new, I mean really new.. I guarantee you that it will be humorous in it, you won't regret joining.. smiley Anyway, I don't want to bother you anymore.. It is your choice if you want to join..

Any one welcome


friday 08/06/2012

The Enforcers of Darkness is a guild where we train warriors to toughen each other and to battle those who oppose the Darkness...Level 10+ may join this guild as long as you are ACTIVE on the forums and in game play, you must also be able to understand English as well.

Check us out!

thursday 07/06/2012

Looking to get in on the ground level? Then look no further. Texas Mavericks is a fresh and new guild looking for members. Feel free to stop by and drop off an application.


Hello, Our guild is welcoming every kind of players. Just send a message if u will be of for monthes to one of our admin. U can also be active only for the forum... It's a world where evrybody is welcomed, VERY WELCOMED.

We will be very pleased if u join us.
I start playing Urban Rivals in 2006. And many times i was of for for monthes I recently joined the One World which i'm the founding members now. And since then i stayed very active. smiley


Just cleaned out some inactives to make room for more killerssmileysmileysmiley

Come join the Warriors...we have active and helpful memberssmiley

Come join the Warriors...we have active and helpful memberssmiley

Well when we get people joining i will have admins but the events are mostly run by you guys i can put in cards but everyone will have to contribute

tuesday 05/06/2012

monday 04/06/2012

Still looking for members, and if you're here, you might as well join!

Fairly old guild, the other players went offline, so im re-recruiting. No level or deck types required, just be active.

We often hold tournaments and prizes within the guild, so take part!

Apple Bommers


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