monday 04/03/2013

I want around 430k in clintz or cards. I like usable crs and non crs over worth over 10k a piece. Message me offers please.

Both cards are now traded.
Close the thread!
thanks smiley


I sell:
-450 Boohma 0EXP for 350 Clintz each.
-350 Borss 0EXP 250 Clintz each.

Thanks and a good UR to all =)

Im trading skullface cr for dregn smokey cr charlie + 19k
negotiatable as the market prices change
pm me

Hello, i want to trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0 exp for a lyse Teria Cr full + complement.
Pls pm me if you are interested. thx

Alec Cr too...

I trade these cards for other cards with a max of 5000 clintz smiley contact me in private ty to fo

sunday 03/03/2013

Also have 7 Cortez 0xp for sale/trade @ 69k/card.

Interested in playable Crs:
Kerozinn Cr
Tessa Cr
Splata Cr
Lamar Cr

Trading lyse teria cr and 120 t gaank for lots of


other cards will be considered but unless it is from pussycats or berzerk they will probably not be accepted

xp doesnt matter


I sell a lot of 100 Nanook Full for 3200 Clintz each per Secure Trade.
Fast tranfer please.

Thank you all and s good UR smiley

I want trade my manon for marlysa cr+complement or sell around 1.3M ctz .
NOT interested in other cards exept marlysa.

As for trade news:

Adding 0xp TanMan CR for full TanMan CR and making the collateral part of the deal

Sell 40 beef 0xp at 285k

start Secure Trade.

thanks mod and fo.

My tan man valued at 190k for your berzerks multiples like kostner , norman

I accepte,sell me the secure trade smiley

I have 4 Melissa Cr 0xp for trade ( 300k/u)

I'm looking for lots of Sakhrom :

-Petra Full ( 10.5 k) / 0 xp ( 11 k )
-Murray Full (1.6 k) / 0xp ( 1.9k)
-Corrina Full ( 835c) / 0xp ( 860c)
-Na Boh Full ( 800c) / 0xp (820c)
-TrinmkkT Full ( 1.3k) / 0xp (1.6k)
-Wakai Full ( 850c) / 0xp (880c)
- Uranus 29k
- Cash or others cards for complete the offer.


Tradeing/selling lots of 0xp cards

100 niqiloda 700 each
100 titsouk 700 each
100 tsuka 900 each
100 platinum 650 each
100 treeman 525 each
300 sunder 650 each ( can split into 3 lots of 100)
63 haaken 6k each

im looking for playable crs and clintz pm me with offers

thanj you mods

I would like a weelee or hikiyousan? anyone intersted?

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