tuesday 08/01/2013

Good evening,

I Exchange two lots of Nathan :

-Lot 1: 600 nathan full xp
Price: 900 / each

-lot 2: 35 Nathan 0XP
Price: 1000 /each

I'm looking for:

-Cash (favourite option)
-Playable Cr
-Small lots of thorpah 0 xp (few)

Offers with other cards, will still be considered, but do not have priority.
All will be make throught Secure trade
Offert by p.m.
Thanks mod and f.o.


I'd like to trade/sell my Diyo Cr full xp, I value it at 87k.

I'm looking for a Cassio Cr, I can add 5k to Diyo Cr and trade if for one. If nobody offers that I could accept almost any playable card of at least 5k (not interested in packs of 100000 cards of 100 clintz or something like that) or cash, to reach the 87k.

Thanks smiley

Well as it says this are my cards im trading:

Berzerk: Hilly Billy
La Junta: Thormund, Tank
Junkz: Perle. Sferik
Sentinel: Hawk
Montana: Mona, Angelo
Roots: Flora
Pussycats: 3x Leela, Ella
Bangers: Chlora
All Stars: Miss Jessie

they are all 0xp

im looking for:
Frozn: all of them exept NB and Kalindra
Rescue: all of them exept NB and Pam, Wesley, Krash and Joana


I am selling 50 sunders any one got a deal for it?give me your deals for it ill tell you if its a deal or not loking for 30k for it.

thanks mod

Sold. Thanks.

50 jean for them both(negotiable)
thnx to all

Please contact me or offer cards here


thanks mod!

No bulks please.

Hi, I want to sell Dj Korr Cr for 10M in cash +1M in cards


Have only Aurora left for trade smiley

monday 07/01/2013

Who buy it whitin 20 hours will have a little discount smiley

From the cards you listed I have a 0xp Kolos and a 0xp GraksmxxT. Is there anything else you are interested in?

Hey how many clover's you got? i got 2 Jackies for trade 1 0xp

Sigmund Cr 0xp is gone
1 Edd Cr 0xp is gone

As title says I want trade my :

3x Edd Cr 0xp
2x Thaumaturge Cr
1x Diyo Cr 0xp
Kerozinn Cr

Basically if you sell them to him in a bulk, he'll buy them for an higher price and theres more than 20 of the card your offering smiley

otherwise i dont know what you dont get xD

I want to exchange nellie for herman

Even trade ,5 nellie for 5 herman. With additonal clintz if required.

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