monday 10/12/2012

60 DANAE , 400 clintz each

or Trade for Corrina's

I have
25 Hermans (valued @ 5250)

I want
180 Mawpins (valued @ 725)
145 Rodneys (valued @ 900)

for them.

Prices non-negotiable.

If you fancy a deal, go ahead and start a secure trade with your copies to make it quick.

Kero 0exp 425k

Looking for Emeth 26k
No nam 2k
Dugan 2k
Bryan 6k
Naginata 8.6k
Ray 11k
Gatline 4.1k
Ed 12 8k
Arnie 5.1k
trish 3.5k
Chiro 1.5k
Python 1.5k
Decote 1.8k
Isatin 2.3k
Burger 2.5k
Gertrud 3.1k
Thormun 2k
Wardog 1.4k
Dean 1.2k

Specail mention DORIAN 24k

Looking for multiple Copies of those cards, Peace and Thank you. smiley

First one to Send me Multiple Copies of those cards, i will Reduce 3k of Kerozinn Cr;s Pricesmiley Thanks

Just send me a secure Trade Request

Close please


I sell for cash or trade for flavio cr, armanda cr, berserkgirl cr, shawomann cr (all 0exp) the following cards:

1 caelus cr (1 0exp)
1 alec cr (1 0exp)
1 swidz cr
1 blaaster cr
1 diyo cr
1 kenny cr (1 0exp)
1 robb cr
1 smokey cr
1 kreen cr
2 noodile cr
1 veenyle cr

PM me for any questions or offer!

6 Cortez 0 xp + 60k cash

Serena and Desmond out
chaira out

New added
1x 0xp naele

Naele and Dr Serena and Desmond out

And from other section Ashley, Saki out

Sorry, sold already

sunday 09/12/2012

Hello everyone,

I currently want Diyo Cr and Geuner Cr

Diyo i value at 93k and Geuner at 74k

I will pay pure clintz or some in bulk treeman oxp 900 each.
Thank you

Lizbeth gone

Kalindra + haken

This was supposed to go on the french forum...

@-- Cisco -- 600k + 820k + 300k + 50k = 1770k

Ok, I've done the deal.

Thank you mods, you can close this thread

Kenny Cr
Marco Cr
Alec Cr
Caelus Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Veenyle Cr
Jackie Cr

Write PM please smiley


I sell 200 Nanook for 4,5k Clintz each.

Thanks Staff and a good UR @ all smiley

How much chiara s for my 5 dalhia 0xp?

Send me 16 Hriger for 4,7k and 6 milena for 0,3k

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