friday 09/11/2012

Looking for playable Cr's or cards above 20k+. Also accepting clintz.


I want to sale 100 pieces of Katja with 900 clz/ per one

Thanks MODS

I have sell the graksmxxT, but I still have 21 sammy.

2x Amy 465 clz
3x Aurelia 320 clz
9x Carlos 310 clz
Coby 27K clz
Copper 51K clz
Flinch 600 clz
Harvey 1,2K clz
Havok 6,5K clz
Hawk 14,5K
7x Jakson 5,1K
John 2K clz
2x Josh 510 clz
Kamakura 2K clz
3x Katja 750 clz
2x Klaus 180 clz
Kyle 510 clz
5x Luis 350 clz
8x Maila 700 clz
Martha 850 clz
2x Melvin 17K clz
2x Miranda 2K clz
2x Morgan 300 clz
Owen 4K clz
Rebecca 200 clz
4x Rick 3K clz
Skiner 1,2K clz
4x Thomy 200 clz
Tobbie 470 clz
William 1,1K clz
5x Zdrone 1K clz
2x Zahang 800 clz
all once for 140K clz
buying 0xp cards for clintz or changing cards > PM me 0 Spycee
thanks mods smiley
0 Spycee

I'm looking for a dragan cr (full or 0xp, I don't care), I value it at 1'2M

I have the following cards to offer:
- Tessa Cr (1M)
- Vickie Cr 0xp (720k)
- Tanaereva Cr (300k)
- Jackie Cr 0xp (210k)
- Blaaster Cr 0xp (145k)
- Kenny Cr (78k)
- 200k cash

Tanaereva Cr x1 (0xp)
Jackie Cr x 2 (1 @ full xp and 1 @ 0xp)
Caelus Cr x 2 (1 @ full xp and 1 @ 0 xp)
55k Clintz

for your Lao Cr

please pm me if you are interested in this offer


No sorry, I already got a better offer by pm and traded it

You can post this in the Strategy and tactics: general section.

No longer need full
no longer have janeramba cr or bryan

still looking for 0xp jungo

Still looking for better offer. Thanks -m40- anyways.

No thanks

are sold the 3 jackie e vickie Cr smiley

Trading my spyke full exp to your noodile CR full exp and 11k worth compliment.
I value spyke for 30k and noodile for 19k. thanks and good day. smileysmileysmiley

Juicy Lord and 1500 CLINTZ for your avola or draheerasmiley

Trading my robb CR full exp to your noodile CR full exp + shakra full exp and 33k clintz or worth of cards. thanks. smileysmileysmiley

Blaaster, 2 Edd, 2 ramba are gone!!!!

Still available: Marco, 2 Edd, 2 ramba

And now I'm also searching for sah brinak

thursday 08/11/2012

Thank you! Got my trade, this can eb closed mods smiley

No one? i am only looking for a small compliment as i plan on using her anyway so i just want some clintz

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