saturday 19/01/2013

closing the subject now

Accept guru cr + complement too smiley

300K+ Kalindra+ Karrion + X Cards

I have 2 0xp Page Crs and 2 mid level Page Crs, I calue both mid leveled page crs at 115, totalin 230k, and I value my 2 0xp page crs at 124k each so 248k, together this is 478k and I will trade this for a 0xp Elya Cr smiley If you want to do this deal or negotiate just send me a pm smiley

Hi everyone im looking to trade my:
Zornando 0xp x 2
Lady 0xp x 1
Thorpah 0xp x 1
extra cards of your choice that you would like from my collection.

Please dont hesitate to message me with offers,

Happy Gaming

I am looking to trade my 0xp Aldebaran Cr

I am mainly looking for the following*:
0xp Kolos - 50k
0xp Robb Cr - 55k
Blaaster Cr - 100k
Caelus Cr - 120k
Jackie Cr - 150k
Tanaereva Cr - 210k
Miss Twice Cr - 225k
Kerozinn Cr - 350k
Lamar Cr - 450k
Vickie Cr - 500k
Tessa Cr - 800k

*xps doesn't matter unless otherwise stated

I will accept other cards, but the above cards have priority.
Prices are subject to change.

Trying to push my Luck smiley
Trading all of my collection for Lyse Teria Cr or Guru Cr
Ma fortune : 10 218 965 Clintz
Or any high value CR smiley
Link of my collection

How about kenny cr i would take him and pay i will pay you the 1000 clintz difference thanks

Subject to close

friday 18/01/2013

I accept all the cards in return, i value them at market's valutation

Looking for DJ Korr Cr & General Cr

What i have to offer

110 Kenny Cr
190 Rhed Cr ( 161 0xp )
89 Edd Cr
70 Marco Cr (250xp)
20 Robb Cr
15 Jackie Cr
12 Veenyle Cr
10 Caelus Cr
8 Blaaster Cr

Please message me for further negotiations.



"I would like to trade my Guru Cr 0xp for a Guru Cr full + cash, or any other Big 5 EXCEPT General Cr."

Hi Myztrio i think some utchul cards will be good

thursday 17/01/2013

Hi , i trade edd cr full xp Vs 4 naele .

Secure trade. Pm me or send the secure trade first, as you like. smiley

Trade done,
you can close.
thanks smiley

Tessa has been given

Yeah isuppose you were right there smiley smiley
I niw value
Dalhia cr :55k
Ahkab 0xp's min price on the market is 29.5k so i still value him at 28k
Tremorh,neil and fuzz remain the same 11k

Sound better?smiley


I sell my sigmund cr for about 560k smiley


My Sigmund Cr for your Vickie Cr + X

Contact me please smiley

Thank you mods smiley

No one? I wonder why is it so hard for me to get a trade in the forum.

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