wednesday 31/10/2012

Dj korr cr in market now 31/10/2012 15:12 is for 15 000 000

so for me 15 000 000 / 66 caelus cr 0xp = 227k eache so good offer
not like u said 13m7

cose i offer bulks of crs

I'm trading my 0xp Splata cr, im looking for:
Splata cr full
40k in either cash or cards

pm me your offer

Thanks RaW Shanks and Arunarsirakul smiley

tuesday 30/10/2012

Willing to trade my Sireen for other useful Junkz cards..

can add clintz.. just msg here or secure trade me..
reply in 24 hrs. thnx


I wanna trade my Kiki Cr full for 16M in cards or clintz

Cars that I look:
Caelus Cr, Jackie cr, Robb cr, Blaaster cr, Marco cr, Kreen Cr, edd cr, Heegrn Cr, Kenny Cr.

No spam please (just didn`t write here if you do not want to buy/trade it smiley
PM me or post offer here.


Also accepting for trades smiley

Buying 0 exp vickie cr or lamar cr.
i value 0 exp vickie cr at 705k while 0 exp lamar cr at 760k.
i have bulk of 0exp spykes and 0 exp karrions for trade.
pm me for a faster response.

1m + Kerozinn cr + Jackie cr + Kalindra for Marlysmiley


Bump. prices have changed due to market value pm me for faster response

81k just Private Sell it to me smiley

I can't do any trade now because my laptop is not working ... pm you guys later

monday 29/10/2012

I offer:
2 Caelus Cr (1 copy 205k)
1 Robb Cr (79k)
1 Noodile Cr (21k)
2 Rhed Cr (1 copy 16,5k)
I'm looking for:
playable Collectors like Kerozinn Cr (490k), Jackie Cr (205k), Tanaeareva (300k)

Pls PN me smiley
Thx Mods

Trading Fizzle x9 0xp(800clintz)=6400
and Daqun x5 0xp(1000clintz) =5000
+ 300clintz.
Both for a Shayna 0xp worth 11.7k

Thank you.

Below market price leave message thanks smiley

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