sunday 28/10/2012

Auction is now closed

Sorry, but reserve price not met

@Shanks - offer was close to reserve price. I will pm to discuss if you want to talk about a DJ Korr full xp which I believe you mentioned earlier in the post

Lampy i think you should let cien do things on his own..

20 mok full is worth 9.2k... you may want to up your bid. especially with him going out this week

I can also over lamar cr in place of the sammy lot.

I want arnie too

Hey Guys Loking for-
and shrukmxxt

and nistarok (3.7)k
NOTE-ready to give any other card than nistarok .

If it was an honest mistake, which it appears to be then it should be no issue.

Let's face it, 50 Caelus 0xp + 3 Tessa Cr + 3 Lamar Cr + 3 Kerozinn Cr = an overbid for Kiki Cr.

50 x 200k = 10M (Caelus Cr)
3 x 1M = 3M (Tessa Cr)
3 x 750k = 2.25M (Lamar Cr)
3 x 500k = 1.5M (Kerozinn Cr)

Total of bid, and I undervalued every card in @Angela's offer, comes to 16.75M for Kiki Cr

I would say, having bid and negotiated with @Angela several times, this would appear to be an honest mistake.

Cheers and good luck on your Kiki Cr

I'm offering one Peeler full xp for 3 Beef as it follows:
-1 0xp 2 full
-2 0xp 1 full
-3 0xp
If you agree with any of these offers, send me a pm.

Heegrn Cr gone, Veenyle Cr also gone, 1 Kreen Cr also gone.

Diyo Cr and 1 Kreen Cr 0xp left.

7k Compliment is far too high. 2-3k at the most would be idle. smiley

Marco Cr 0xp for the rest of them

saturday 27/10/2012

63k for full 0xp, 61k for lv 4 0xp

Have some radek fulls and 0xp
have u crs for ??

I'm trading my Marlysa Cr (2M100k) for playable cr's

I will consider all offers. PM me

Thanks Modssmiley

I would like to trade 1 Caelus Cr for 1 Kalindra, 1 Thorpah, 1 Dagg, and 1 Dregn via secure trade.
Pm me if your interested.

Looking for CAELUS CR and Kalindra or will sell for 300k may except other offers PM me

Done i close .. smiley

Thanks Mod'S smiley

Close this please

Now lizbeth 45k for spyke 30k + elvis 13k equal to 43k smileysmiley

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