sunday 30/12/2012

The people above must also think that comp for big 5 is in the 100k's

Gl yellow

0 left smiley

mods pls close this smiley

Value 400k.
interested in cards like kolos,kalinda,tsubame,etc.

William enough cards got, thanks..
Now looking for few Daytons and few john 's smiley

I am willing to trade my

200 0xp Sunders(500 a piece) + 5k in clintz for 13 Any xp Thorpah each valued at 13k.

Full exp?

I value Dagg at 32K~ish, give or take depending on the market. smiley

Mainly looking for Chiara Cr + clintz, but I'm open to offers I guess.
Send a secure trade if interested!

Looking for :
0xp saki ( 6100 clintz each )
Full xp saki ( 6000 clintz each )

Thanks knights

edited by ArtemisBZ sunday 30/12/2012, 05:02

Sorry I meant 70 at 2750 each

saturday 29/12/2012

I refresh the topic

Willing to trade for any cards of equal or more value.

Cisco that is 3 k a piece, thanks for the good joke. Still lookin!

Buying all Thorpah 0xp for 11k

just put them in my private sale smiley

thx mods

Done both sold.. thanks guys smiley

Looking for all Rescue's and Frozn's. May accept other offers.

No because i'm buying vickie

Title Indicates everything

I want you Oyoh, Jeena, Jeto, Noodile Cr, Yookie

Giving away : Complement of Clintz + Cards (Prefer your choice ) ; cuz i donno what you want smiley

This thread is 8 months old. I doubt the deal would still apply.

There aren't any cards I specifically want, I will consider any trades as long as their price difference isn't too big market value wise, if you want to trade for a higher value than market value just PM me the reason why

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