thursday 27/12/2012

Also, not interested in bulk offers.

My mistake, the Dagg is full xp


Its a done deal smiley

If you dont have all cards also i accept cash!!! smiley

No,I accept also cards smiley

Hi, i´m looking for trade mi GraksmxxT (0exp) x GraksmxxT (full) + complement

PD: send your deals PM

Still open for offers


what i got:

Myke 1*
Chiro 1*
Burger 1*
Globumm 1*
Methane 1*
Orlok 1*
Cell 1*
Artus 2*
Eadh 1* or 2*
Vince 2* or 4*
Anakrohm 1* or 3*
Deadeye 1* or 3*
Katan 1*
Winston 1* or 3*

what im looking for Tula, Sheryl, Mawpin, Edwin, Ozzy, and Eklore in particular. Or any pill eaters i.e. Hawkins but open to trades for Nightmare, Piranas, Sakrohm and La Junta

All Cards gone

Ideally looking to trade my nahi cr for your lizbeth + kreen cr + compliment

but i'm open to other offers too.

thanks mods

Now it is 300, I think 300 is a fair price, as the market will fluctuate both up and down,

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Deal is still on the table. Other cards & clintz can be added for further negotiation

wednesday 26/12/2012

Ha 3000? ill pass

Hello! I'm willing to trade my Scarlett CR for Armanda cr + ndololo cr!


Hi all,

I am offering: Guru CR (0XP)
i am searching for: Guru CR (Full) + Clintz

Please send me your offer vie PM


edited by The DarkT wednesday 26/12/2012, 21:07

Looking for as many Dalhia Cr as Possible. Post here or message me.

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