sunday 21/10/2012


I would like to trade for multiple copies of Beef.

What I have to offer:
Tanaereva cr full xp - 315k
Jane ramba cr - 74k
Kenny cr - 82k

The prices above are what the market says at the time of this post. they may flunctuate and i apologize if theyre incorrect.

I think for tanaereva cr = 65 beef
Jane ramba cr and kenny cr = 30 beef

please pm me for quicker response so we can negotiate or deal

thank you mods

Essie for 2970 only smiley

I find it, topic lock smiley

Deal done, closing this.

Got the Tanaereva and 1 Smokey

I'm trading my tan man for bulks of cards
bulk of Bristone
bulk of jean
4 kalindras + compliment
bulk of moses
bulk of saki

I'm open to other things but pm me first smiley thanks!

My 2 Marco Cr 0xp (120k) for Kalindra (70k) + Thorpah (28k) + 20k

Anyone? Ill make it +25.
I also have a splata cr + 10k ill crade for 3 Caelus cr.

So Tessa cr + Splata cr + 35k for 8 Caelus cr.

saturday 20/10/2012

Ok kiki cr Now is full smiley i can change it for guru cr and cash or cr smiley

Price 600k

Or trade for: Robb Cr + Marina + Charlie + Clover + Leviatonn + Lin Xia (220k) + Miss Twice Cr (333k) and other 45k in cards you offer/ + other cards you offer (380k)

I also trade:
- 28x Gretchen 0xp for 1.890 clintz for each one

What would you like for your compliment on the exchange of heegrn cr 0xp for a full xp heegrn cr? You can PM me and we can find a deal.

I have 225 Tsuka 0xp.

Selsya Cr (0hp) + 360k vs Splata Cr

My bad, others as in other cards. So when they come to mind i'll put them up.

friday 19/10/2012

Done, thanks smiley

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