tuesday 25/12/2018

I have a stryker and bloodh both full xp, looking to trade for 1 cr or other cr's of equal value

monday 24/12/2018

Nero obtainned.
Still need Moukrok 0 xp

I offer any combination that will match his price Cortez, Bogdan, Sobek, Slade, Karrion, Bengal, Koshiro, Trish, Scylla, Bruno, El Factor . All 0 xp

3x ratanah 0xp
2x spyke 0xp
1x graks 0xp

Pm me offers ty smiley

Says it in the title. smiley
Please pm me

sunday 23/12/2018

PS: 1 Jackie for 1 Crook

Trade Dwain Cr for #Libeth Cr / Maana Cercei + clinz diference

saturday 22/12/2018

Up to 54k smiley

Crook - 1.4m
Moukrok - 500k

I can offer up to 1.5m and any rare cards you want
Zaveli x6 300k
Butcher Braxton x4 100k
Judge Lynch x5 300k
Marshal Cr x2 420k
Maana Cercei x1 630k
Dragomir x6 250k
and more.. just pm me, if you want CR pm me to see if I have it

Nevermind I forgot to mention a 100k compensation.

He clearly sais [Buy]

friday 21/12/2018

Dregn MT + clinz difference or Lizbeth CR + clintz difference

Straight swap for my captain rescue 0xp for you're surstorming any level

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