saturday 08/06

Pm me if interessted.

friday 07/06

Pm sent

Hi everyone I want to buy 100 Gibson 0xp 13k/each to finish my lot. Thx everyone for help!

Im looking to trade my xantiax robb cr + some lots for your vickie cr/lamar cr
i have lots of rekved 0xp naliah 0xp parmabarb 0xp and tameshi, will trade based on currecnt marrket price

Looking to trade my Volkan Cr full xp and 100k vs Volkan Cr 0xp

Pm if interessted.

thursday 06/06

Can add one Moukrok 0 exp - 230k to the deal.

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I am trading my Nahi Cr for your Ambrose Cr

Offer in pm

Hi, i'm looking for multiple Volkan Cr 0exp (8.2m) or full (7.9m)

I can trade:
Sum Sam Cr 0exp (8m)
Lamar Cr full exp (4m)
Xantiax Robb Cr full exp (3.6m)
Dounia Mt full exp (3.6m)
Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (2.7m)
Tessa Cr full exp (3.1m)
Jim Cr full exp (970k)
Thaumaturge Cr 0exp (900k)

Lots of 0exp:
100x Ackh 0exp 35k/t
50x Mr Dark 0exp 100k/t
17x Fowl 0exp 20k/t

Pm me if interested smiley

60x Xu-bot -> The Rocktana
105x Xu-bot -> Saitamurai
210x Xu-bot -> Behemoth

Amounts can be discussed

1 sold

Sell 1 Behemoth 0xp 470k smileysmiley

I have:
7 copies of Dounia Mt full xp (check my market sales)
9 copies of Dounia Mt 0 xp

I want:
The OG Big 5 of UR
DJ Korr Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
Guru Cr
Kiki Cr
General Mt

PM me for offers.

I'm currently looking for Volkan Cr and would like to offer Vickie Cr + Lizbeth Cr + 2.7m

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