tuesday 23/10/2012

I would like to trade my 0 exp card for your full exp + complement.
So - if you are interested, let me know by Private mail smiley

My DJ Korr Cr 0 exp for
your DJ Korr Cr full exp + 25K

My Marlysa Cr 0 exp for
your Marlysa Cr full exp + 10K

My Armanda Cr 0 exp for
your Armanda full exp + 8K

My Ndololo Cr 0 exp for
your Ndololo full exp + 7K

My Rass Cr 0 exp for
your Rass full exp + 7K

I accept also cards as a complement !

THX for your interest !

I'm really tired to repeat it, but one more time... offers only here, dont mail me, please

[TRADE] Kiki Cr 0exp for Kiki Cr Full exp + clintzs. If you are interested please post ur bid here. Thanks!!

Wanna trade my edd cr for Lizbeth smiley

I am looking to trade a 0xp gertrud for a lvl 3 1200xp gertrud, PM me if interested

What l can offer

Veenyle Cr
Selma 0 exp
Clintz (10k+)

monday 22/10/2012

Kenny cr gone. Thaumaturge Cr Gone, dont need Cortez or Jackie Cr.

Got it, thanks

Looking to trade for Jim CR I would like to offer up 2 Jane Ramba CRs and other clintz or cards to make a fair price. PM to negotiate a fair deal.

If Jane Ramba is not your cup of tea I have other options to make the trade happen. PM me with offers.

We'll see if someone has to put a complement


Can be closed.
Thanks mods.

All deals are done. please close this thread. thanks smiley

Im looking for other frozn aswell just these 3 are my top seached frozn cards

20k each 500k anyone?

Some more stuff are now gone

I have these:
1 Olga
1 Ongh (Lv 4 with some xps)
1 Graksmxxt (Lv 2 with some xps)
1 Dregn (Lv 4 with some xps)
3 0xp Michael
1 0xp Lao Cr

I have almost all of the Bangers except a few and i have Mona, Edd Cr, Avola, Desmond, Prince Jr, Gianfranco, Sharon, and Oscar.

pm for quick response

Ps; thanks mods

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