sunday 30/09/2012

I've did it!


For your Dregn

Lao cr is sold.
please close this subject mod.

I trade:

2 Lamar Cr
Cassio Cr
Chad Bread Cr and Kolos 0xp

I wanted for Dragan Cr full or 0xp!! Propose for MP!!

My offer is
3 spyke
17 shi fou

I also have x-0dus, cortez and 3 copies of troompah for trade. mainly just looking for shi fou

Thx mods

As the title says im looking for a flavio cr 0xp i willing to offer 1mil clintz .
I am willing to add cards aswell to my offer if needed .
If Flavio is full my offer will be extrememly lower smiley
Thank You Mods smiley And Send Me A Pm Equals Faster Response .

As stated above i want kalindra fullxp + 5000 CLintz or my kalindra 0xp

pm me for faster response smiley

It's just thazt your offer is too low.

Ndololo is sold
now for manon cr 0 exp i search 2.6M:
tessa cr (1M)
caelus cr (200k)
alec cr (180k)
kerozinn cr (480k)
splata cr (550k)

Like it says im looking for at least half the offer in clintz.

no sorry im not looking for other big 5s

10m is to low ill pass

Please Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for in return smiley

You have already put these cards up for auction, another thread in this forum is not permitted smiley

@creamru - You dont have any of those characters in your collection

I want to trade my Alec Cr 0xp for your Full Alec Cr + compliment.

saturday 29/09/2012

Nice mehn, jungo plus spyke, nd na lugi ;}

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