monday 22/10/2012

Im looking for other frozn aswell just these 3 are my top seached frozn cards

20k each 500k anyone?

Some more stuff are now gone

I have these:
1 Olga
1 Ongh (Lv 4 with some xps)
1 Graksmxxt (Lv 2 with some xps)
1 Dregn (Lv 4 with some xps)
3 0xp Michael
1 0xp Lao Cr

I have almost all of the Bangers except a few and i have Mona, Edd Cr, Avola, Desmond, Prince Jr, Gianfranco, Sharon, and Oscar.

pm for quick response

Ps; thanks mods

Still available

Put it on the market for less then 100 clintz then smiley

Still looking i have traded nothing yet pm me if interested

I estimate thorpahs price to be 30k and i have 3 to trade for these;
Zatman 0xp same price, can add clintz/card(s) if need be
Uranus 0xp (35k) plus 5k clintz or a card worth that.
Bogdan 0xp (35k) plus 5k clintz or a card worth that.

Thank you.

The winner is f Kevin Loa accept change smiley

sunday 21/10/2012

I sell
Steve 0 xp for 8 500 clintz
Arno full xp for 13 800 clintz
Hax full xp for 24 300 clintz

You can also contact me to mp... smiley

Done now guys, thanks a lot smiley

My new offer is:
Tanaereva Cr, jane ramba cr, 12 kolos 0xp, 2 marco cr, 2 GraksmxxT(1 full y 1 0xp), jackie cr, 3 cortez 0xp+25000clintz
it's about 1,9M


I sell and Trade 46 Melanie 0EXP and Full mixed, I don't know how many 0EXP but I sell all for 1600/each.
I accept cards like Kalindra.


Nuclearaleksa - Master - ExtraordinarY KillerS
Yesterday at 20:49
Lets go Blaaster Jane ramba and Diyo ~ Berzerk full deck + Charlie + other cheepers + 29 911 + 300 copies of Lola Noel?

No thankssmiley

33 jackie 0xp
Robb Cr 0xp
Kenny cr0xp
Edd Cr
100 beeboy 0xp
100 clover 0xp
+ 300kclinz smiley


I would like to trade for multiple copies of Beef.

What I have to offer:
Tanaereva cr full xp - 315k
Jane ramba cr - 74k
Kenny cr - 82k

The prices above are what the market says at the time of this post. they may flunctuate and i apologize if theyre incorrect.

I think for tanaereva cr = 65 beef
Jane ramba cr and kenny cr = 30 beef

please pm me for quicker response so we can negotiate or deal

thank you mods

Essie for 2970 only smiley

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