tuesday 16/10/2012

I Trade my Thorpah full for the next ones cards, no matter the experience
Ulu Watu:
La Junta:
No Nam
Some one of the above cards and same price, Thorpah aprox. is on 42k, Greetings!!! smiley

I want to trade my Lizbeth 0xp(59000) + 1000 clintz = 60000
for Spyke 0xp(30800) + Beef 0xp(6900) + Jay 0xp(21500) = 59200

monday 15/10/2012

It seems that my friend here misunderstood me. I BOUGHT a Cassandra for the previous amount stated before. CR

I am willing to give Terry Cr Tsubame Selsya cr Marco cr kreen cr Veenyle cr naginata and oraya for some kalindras
exp doesnt mother i will take all
offer me ! smileysmileysmiley

Hello, i want to trade my Guru cr 0 exp NEW!, ONLY for a guru cr exp + something else...
i dont have specific requests for that "something else", so... if you are interested, write here or in pm your offer
ty smileysmiley

Guru Cr + Shawoman Cr + Lamar Cr 0xp + Vickie Cr0xp + 2 roob cr


I buy all your Radek for 1000 Clintz/each 0EXP or 900 Clintz/each for FULLS.
If you are interessed to sale just put the Radeks into my Private Sales smiley
I also have some Rhed Cr to change against smiley


Sold Out, Ladies and Gents

I want to trade my marlysa cr 0exp for your marlysa cr full (+ complement)

pm me smiley

thanks mod smiley

I change my : miss twice ,caelus,blaaster x vickie and complement

or change

my miss twice caelus blaaster and complement x lamar cr

Done, thanks smiley

I'm looking for the dj korr cr, my idea is an exchange with my kiki cr 0 xp and a complement by me decided in privete messaging.
thanks moderators and good game to all!smiley


kenny 103k
and utchul 105k

for jackie cr 207k pm me for faster responce

Think_hard's collection has not been reduced in over a week. I'm closing this thread, if he wants to sell more, he should name the cards together with their prices in a new thread smiley

WTS Sylth full for 35800 clintz fast smiley

My Guru Cr (full xp) against 60 jackie cr (50 full and 10 at 0xp), I don't accept less, I can negotiate the amount of Jackies at 0xp (it may fluctuate, today I want 10).
If you have more than 95 wanda 0xp we can talk about less Jackies.

Still looking. I update my CR cards: Alec CR (199k)

Want to buy fanny 0 xp. (2300 clintz current market price) or PM me.smiley

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