thursday 29/11/2012

Full or 0xp your offered cards ?

@DaBears I do not know why you keep on commenting and stuff when you can just close it... as this is not availible anymore

Robb cr are both gone

I think hes asking 24k for the bunch smiley

Would you take a hilly billy for a kalindra?

wednesday 28/11/2012

Your blaster cr full +kenny 0exp vs my caelus cr 0exp `+ chiara full + 5k

You could close the subject, because it's exchanged

My Blaaster Cr + Robb Cr +30 Gianfranco 0xp

for your Alec Cr +Cortez

pm me

In a big lot like this the price of cards increase....all the way the price of liam change every day (yesterday 230 clintz!!), but I can make a little discount, contact me =)

All gone smiley
sold 72K / head

Thanks a lot now I'm closing the subject

Thanks MOD's smiley

XU52 0xp
and some cards more just pm me

Check her market price?

So the offer is simple as it is.

I'll trade jackie cr full for alec cr + 30k clintz compliment.

If you have other interesting offer I may be willing to trade but I'm mostly interested in alec cr.
PM me or just start the secure trade.

I just sold them mr investigator lol I have caelus cr left looking for blasster cr and vermyn n +10k for difference pm if interested

NvMi - Master - TrAitorzZz - Tuesday 30/10, 01:44

This is almost a month old... I do not see why you had to reopen it

Does nobody want a lao cr?

I can accept :

-3 selina 0 xp vs 1 Heegrn Cr 0 xp
-30 vs 10
-60 vs 20
-1500 Selina vs 500 Heegrn Cr

I've got Kolos, subject closed.

Is this deal still available, Pm if so I am very interested smiley thanks

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