tuesday 18/09/2012

No further deals. mods please close this subject smiley

Send your offers. I want to buy it for clintz i have nothing to trade/exchange.

I sell dragan cr 0exp for 1,2M cash or I trade him for 650k + cr like Kerozinn, Caelus, Jackie, Vickie, Lamar etc.

If you are interested in this offer, send me a Pm, I don't visit the forum very often...

Thanks mod!

You must be richer than me.smiley

Hello, I am looking to trade my Jane Ramba Cr 0exp for an Edd Cr plus compliment.

Tanaereva Cr oxp + Kenny Cr oxp + Terry cr oxp !

No one wants to buy Tessa? smiley
I will now accept 960 000 clintz

I would like to trade my lamar cr full xp plus the difference in various cards for a tessa cr full xp

please pm me if interested.
thnx mods

Up! Anyone???

I'm looking to trade my:
Praxie (18k)
Manfred (2.5k)

for your:
Michael (17k)
Aylen (3.5k)

Pm for faster reply smiley

My offert for her is :
caelus cr 0XP ( 200k) + kenny cr full ( 87k ) + dorian ( 22k ) + Lin Xia ( 21k )

TOTAL : 331K

PS: trade by secure trade

thanks smiley

For jackie + 60k complsment pm me for quicker responce

Esp. looking for Kolos and Karrion, or 95k clz (obo)

Still looking

Looking for Rhed Cr
offering ghumbo (18.1k) + 5.9kclintz

Selling Miss Twice Cr for around 340 K clintz.
Selling Thaumaturge Cr for 205 K clintz.

All offers considered unless ridiculous. Pm me for fastest response.

Still looking -_-

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