saturday 24/11/2012

As stated in the title, I'm trading my beeboy(s) for your clover(s). I priced my beeboy to be at 16k(ea) while clover to be at 9k(ea), and therefore, here's the rate I'm offering - 4x beeboy for 7x clover - My beeboy(s) are at full exp, and I'm willing to trade for any exp of clover. If interested, hit me up with a message and a secure trade, and I'll get it dealt with immediately.

*I'll only be trading the above combination ONCE - As usual, on a first come first serve basis - Which implies that I'll have a trade with one person on this, and the deal is close. And if you're still interested in my collection of beeboy(s), most likely I'll have it up for trade for other cards, so do keep a lookout for it. Thanks.

Looking for Saki 0 exp.

For big lots, I have Tessa Cr.
I can also buy in pure clintz at 5.3k each for 0 exp. Private sales me.

friday 23/11/2012

My Kiki Cr 0 xp for your Kiki Cr full + complement

looking for about 50k complement, pm me if you're interested

Im looking for copies of Clover, Saki, Lizbeth, Hriger y Thorpah, (0exp)

220 Sunder 0exp
170 Isatis 0exp
70 Flanagan 0exp
60 Harold (full y 0exp)
50 Muze (full y 0exp)

and lots of other cards. Waiting for offers

I value :

• Tessa Cr full : 1000k
• Vickie Cr full : 680k
• Tanaereva Cr full : 310k
• Jackie Cr full : 210k
• Caelus Cr full : 190k
• Swidz Cr full : 150k

These valuations are true only for the first card of each type in your offer.
If your offer is 2 Tessa Cr full, I will value the first 1000k but the second a little bit less.

Still looking smiley

I forgot to add. My marco cr is 0exp smiley

I am hoping to sell Guru cr & general Cr

Guru cr 11mil Clintz
General Cr 12mil Clintz

Sigmund Cr = 710.000....smiley

I can take the cards that I have listed. I can take a card and surcharges.
Your suggestions gentlemen?

Sorry for trying to be helpful. Then again maybe it'll just be useful to folk who don't realise It's currently a very unbalanced trade?

thursday 22/11/2012

3 messages

Still avalible

Caelus 0 exp + 220k cash

By crs i mean useful ones like jackie tanaereva alec marco kenny blaaster kerrozonn cr vickie or lamar cr i value her at 930k pm me for faster responce

Looking to trade my Vickie Cr + Compliment for a Lamar Cr

Current compliment would be 11k but will be following market at time of trade.

I change my Caelus cr 0 exp by cards as.

my preference:

Z3r0 D34d
Robb Cr
lots of cards
and cash.

Trade successful closing thanks everyonesmiley

My 0xp tsubame for your full + complement

My 0xp x-0dus + complement for your Tsubame

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