thursday 11/10/2012

I'm looking to trade a bulk number of Azel cards for any CR cards, feel free to email me thanks.

moses leaved
24 erika 0xp remained

[Trade] My berserkerGirl CR to your Vickie Cr +?

PLEASE READ THE BOLD PRINT NEXT TIME . I said "Im willing to trade more if i run across somebody that
willing to trade there whole non cr's collection is valued at
about 3million "

Haha smiley) , true noob

I trade my set of Freaks characters (value 95000) made by:

1x Hula
1x Soushee
1x Akendram
1x Olga
1x Bogdan
1x Grudj
1x Cassandra
1x Oren

I trade them for 76 Vince pfull 2* (value 1250), contact me by mp
Thanks mod smiley

wednesday 10/10/2012

I have:

Sah Brinak
Z3r0 D34D

All 0xp.

I want a kenny cr full. prices according to the market

I got all of them for sale =) but i don't see any reason in selling them for less than the market price? :s

Close please. Thank you.

Tana,caelus,blaaster..... and +cards¿

My Praxie + 13Ks compliment for your Edd Cr

Al3x TCA, Monday 08/10, 15:34

A link to the cards that you want to sell is not permitted. You have already put these cards up for auction, your thread can not be validated smiley

This was already discussed??

I am looking for a 0xp Kenny Cr. I will provide a full kenny cr along with a compliment of 5k.

Pm me if interested.


i trade 2 Tessa Cr vs 3 Vickie Cr. One Tessa Cr is full the other is 0xp.

Pls Pn me


tuesday 09/10/2012

Still looking to make this trade smiley

Trade - I am looking for Splata Cr oder Tanaereva Cr or other little Crs
Sell - each 9k
pm me please if you are interested in Rolphs

Alright... Thanks for the info. Had no idea this was "not permitted"... not like they have it in big letters somewhere lol.

Willing to add clintz to good offers !

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