thursday 22/11/2012

Nahi cr is gone
pls close subject, thx to modssmiley

Kalindra + Smaller Crs, if you have a list we can make a deal.

Just like the title says I am looking to trade for mainly Alec Cr (172,000 clintz), but if you see other cards you like a Jackie Cr (200,000 clintz) will due as well. Also other offers will be considered as well, if they are reasonable.
All cards are 0 exp and just use the market value to get a general value for all the cards, so if u see a couple of cards u like that add up to Alec Cr or Jackie Cr pm me or post here. I also have 105,000 clintz to add to the trade as well:

12 Karen
17 Bubbles
1 Fixit
8 Randal
3 Beef
3 Lizzy
6 Norman
6 Ranesh
2 Pyro
3 Rhyno
1 Rolph
5 Klawz
25 Kerston
3 Bristone
19 Gerald
3 Benico
7 Maazk
3 Dugan
6 Tino
17 Arawaka
1 Azel
6 Vince
42 Puff
7 Sliman
12 Cherry
14 Holly
29 Ivan
1 Lucy
13 Nancy
1 Pastor
26 Gudvibz
4 Rosen
2 Murray
5 Trinmkkt
3 Anakrohm
2 Sammy
25 Morgan
1 Lehane
10 Todd
1 Logan
12 Otto
2 Damian
30 Aigwon Noel
9 Eddie
3 Felicia
25 Ulawele
1 Maurice
23 Lydia
2 Glenn
4 Deea
29 Izsobahd
13 Kronnen
14 Krung
10 Lehrg
4 Lovhak
10 Qorah
21 Sunder

I have other cards as well just ask.

wednesday 21/11/2012

There is only a few cards left.

Trade completed thanks everyone smiley

Guru.... no 12M...

I offer you

tessa Cr 1 0xp + 1full xp
vickie Cr 1 0xp+ 1full xp
Kerozinn Cr 1 0xp
Tanaereva Cr 2 0xp + 1 full xp
Jackie Cr 3 full xp
Sum Sam Cr 1 0xp
Marlysa Cr full xp
Melissa Cr 1 0xp
Swidz cr 1 0xp
Jackie cr, 1 0xp, 1 lvl 4 0xp , 1 full xp

Negotiable, and more to be added, your wish smiley

No thanks, HL_ANGELA__

the complement can now be paid in every waysmiley

I'm interested too on lots of Frozn

I want to exchange my Armanda Cr 0xp for your Kolos, Ghumbo, Jackie Cr,Zatman, Dorian, Lady, Hefty, Maurice, Rubie, Nellie, Wendel, Cortez, Spyke, Taylor, Jane Ramba Cr, Emeth, Ray, Naginata, Smokey Cr, Dalhia, Ahkab, Selma, GraksmxxT, Stella, Skrumxxt, Sigma, Caelus Cr, Praxie, Jay, Numar, Gil, Nobrodroid, Rowdy,Taham, Kalindra, Sylth.

Selling 80 Aleisters at 350 each which equals (350 x 80) = 28,000. Will accept clintz, cards or a mixture of both. PM me if you are interested! Thanks! smiley

Im looking to trade 150 noodile cr (100 full xp and 50 0xp)
i want to trade them all together
im looking for 25-27k each but price is not set.

looking for clintz , playable crs
non cr (0xp only)
kiki 6-7k
saki 5k
scopica 6k
lehane 5-6k
fuzz 5k
gibson 3k
methane 6-7k
thorpah 9-10k

pm me offers

Price 65.000 clz

Revs was not matched no winner


Looking for all other big 5, (: yes will accept lyse if the price is right smiley

its hard to post prices regarding the big 5 ( guru cr dj korr cr kiki cr general cr lyse teria cr )
since many people regard them at different prices, please no offers not involving big 5 smiley

but to give an estimate
lyse 12m
guru 12.5m
general 13.3
kiki 14.2
korr 15.3

pms are best

Still looking for offers smiley

tuesday 20/11/2012

Lol... Yeah, hadn't noticed Lamar had dropped.

As Aran says good luck, and doesn't the French forum move quicker?

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