saturday 10/11/2012

Last offer 1 caelus full for 10 sah brinak 0xp

[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card/s you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

I know it states this in a way however it does not state how much you are wanting to sell for nor the specific cards you want

Best of luck with sale smiley

Hello smiley

I sell/trade my 125 Shifou 0EXP!!! I sell/trade this interessant lot for only 5,5k Clintz/each!!! I am oppened for other fair trades...

I will 687.000 Clintz in cash per sicure trade or following cards for the price that is called:

*Jackie Cr
*Vickie Cr
*Marco Cr
*Robb Cr

...or other playable cards over 50.000 Clintz...

Thanks @ Ops and Mods smiley

Good morning!

I'm looking for lots of Nanook (2k5),Buck(7ksmiley and baby q (3k).

I will offer Kolos 0xp, dregn 0xp, selma 0xp and dagg 0xp.

PM or maku your offer heresmiley

I search playable cr and/or cash . I valute Manon cr 2.6kk!!!!!

Thanks mods i found what i was looking for

Here I put in exchange Clans world, maps that are not included are Cr and some Newblood.

The clan includes cards 0XP and Full!

Lot 1: All Star (complete except Cr)
Price: 130k

Lot 2: Bangers (complete except Cr)
Price: 120k

Lot 3: Berzerk (missing Sprinter)
Price: 180k

Lot 4: Fang Pi Clang (complete except Cr)
Price: 160k

Lot 5: Freaks (complete except Cr)
Price: 130k

Lot 6: Frozn (complete)
Price: 140k

Lot 7: GHEIST (complete except Cr)
Price: 200k

Lot 8: Jungo (complete except Cr)
Price: 170k

Lot 9: Junks (complete except Cr)
Price: 140k

Lot 10: La Junta (complete except Cr)
Price: 100k

Lot 11: Leader (complete)
Price: 40k

Lot 12: Montana (complete except Cr)
Price: 110k

Lot 13: Nightmare (complete except Uchtul and Cr)
Price: 160k

Lot 14: Piranas (complete except Cr)
Price: 170k

Lot 15: Pussycats (complete except Leela and Cr)
Price: 170k

Lot 16: Rescue (complete except Cr)
Price: 100k

Lot 17: Roots (complete except Cr)
Price: 70k

Lot 18: Sakrohm (complete except Cr)
Price: 150k

Lot 19: Sentinel (complete except Cr)
Price: 140k

Lot 20: Skeels (complete unless she and Cr)
Price: 120k

Lot 21: Ulu Watu (complete except Cr)
Price: 160k

Lot 22: Uppers (complete except Lady and Cr)
Price: 120k

Lot 23: Vortex (complete except Cr)
Price: 240k

All prices are based on the first market price of each clan
Looking for:
Jackie Cr (210k)
Caelus Cr (195k)
Marco Cr (60k)
Blaaster Cr (140k)

I do agree just the Cr and Cash!

Everythings in Secure trade !

Close please.

11 spykes 0 exp for a tanaereva cr 0 exp. pm me if interested

Or 590k 140 dolly and tanaereva cr

Tessa cr, full xp - 975k
Splata cr, full xp - 625k

I would like to trade both of these cards for 8 caelus cr.
Caelus cr is 190k right now, x8 is only 1.5m (my cards are 1.6m together)

friday 09/11/2012

I'm willing to trade my Jessie for your Saki if you throw in 100 clints.

I am looking for about 20k if you accept make secure trade

Looking for playable Cr's or cards above 20k+. Also accepting clintz.


I want to sale 100 pieces of Katja with 900 clz/ per one

Thanks MODS

I have sell the graksmxxT, but I still have 21 sammy.

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