saturday 06/10/2012

My dragan 2 star is seeking 1 full + compliments

I am looking to sell for 200k cash, or trade for 220K in cards
I am looking for:
or any playable Crs or other cards

Trading the following cards:

Robb CR full xp
Kenny CR full xp
Noodile CR full xp

for Alec CR any xp

PM for quicker response


I am mainly looking for multiple copies of shi fou right now.

I have
spyke x3
troompah x3
buba x70

Any offers? I may take other cards too

Will add up to 20k in cards or more if needed

Hello everybody

I d like to trade my shawoman cr full xp valued at 1,6 M for :

1) tessa cr + 500 000
2) dragan cr + 450 000
3) some small unplayable cr such as dwain cr, skullface cr, beltran cr, ombre cr ....

contact me here or via PM ....i will consider every offer =)


I just have my concerns about this, don't hate me smiley

In your collection you have a total of 17 cards and you have no stars to prove that you have brought credits lately. If you got the card from a pack it is completely fine, continue with the sale.

Beeboy is also 3k more then Willy so you will probably have to thrown in a compliment to make up for the difference.

Best of luck

For dj korr cr , i offer lyse teria cr + 2 tessa cr 0exp + vickie cr 0exp + kerozinn cr 0exp interest ?

Looking to trade my Beeboy for Hriger.
PM me if interested.

Feel free to message me and we can sort something out like adding extra clintz or cards if need be.

I'm looking for Hriger to add to my collection. I'm willing to trade my Rhed Cr for him. PM if you're interested.smiley

Title pretty much sums it up guys im looking to trade my Jane Ramba Cr 0xp for your Thorpah.

Feel free to message me and we can sort something out like adding extra clintz or cards if need be.

Thanks everyone.

Lol my bad dude i was wrong, i ment 14 heergn. my bad

friday 05/10/2012

Close this or that

Got all the bill i need, thankssmileysmileysmiley

Maybe. I am not quite sure yet.

Ive gotten offers for 55 caelus cr 0exp no thanks.

@-m40- im not interested in frozen but i value the rest of your offer at
2200k + 1520k + 850k + 2000k + 775k + 315k = 7660k

Is for investing. at 0XP cards are selling with more then one at full XP. always smiley


i have 2 kalindra 0xp and 1 torpah 0xp

i'm looking for jackie cr in secure exchange.

bye and thanks mod.!

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