thursday 13/09/2012

I trade my Kiki cr full + complement for your Dj korr cr.

Complement available (your choice):
- Kiki cr + 1,2M cash;
- KIki cr + Tana cr full + Jackie cr full+ 500k clintz
- Kiki cr + 20 dregn full

Send me a Pm if you are interested in this trade...

Merci mods smiley

My Cards:

Splata Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Miss Twice Cr 0xp

Pm me for faster response. Thanks

*as confirmed allowed by Mod/FO*

again with the bump. figuring it's down to everyone trying to get CRs ( kenny / Rhed ).

also available as part of trade:

1 x rhed cr 0xp

Just like the title says, I have 100 Uma all 0xp and I'd like to trade/sell them at 525 a piece. Totaling 52,500 clintz
Pm me for fastest response

What would you like for complement. I have an extra full xp vickie Cr

Send me a secure trade..thanks!

Ambrose is gone still have jim cr

I value Jackie at 210k.

My offer:
1 Kenny Cr (0 XP) 90k
2 Dalhia (1 Full, 1 0 XP) 72k
1 Smokey Cr (Full) 70k
Total: 232 k

Jackie + 15k or Jackie + Wendel + Rubie (value of 220k) for cards above.

Thanks mods.

Updated because i get pmed asking me my exact offer.So my offer for Marlysa cr is
Vickie cr,Jackie cr,Tanaereva Cr,Caelus cr,Alec cr,Marco Cr,Kreen cr, Noodile Cr ,Smokey Cr x 2,Jane ramba cr,Edd cr,Veenyle cr ,Charlie,Tsubame,Copper,Kenny,Uranus ,its 2.150 million as im typing this atm.
Open for negotiations

Buying a Caelus cr for 16k if not 163k k in clintz thankssmiley

Blaaster cr
37k complement for jackie cr

Got Hawk , Coby , maurice . Looking for your Oshitsun , Ghumbo / glorg or something from nightmare that you can offer

I value Kenny at 90k.

I offer:
Smokey CR (Full) 71 k+Akhab (Full) 21k= 92k
2 Dalhia (Full and 0XP) 73k+Bloodh (Full) 16k + 1k= 90k

P/M me for faster response. Thanks mods.

Okay thanks MadLampy_MoB

wednesday 12/09/2012

Only got 1x Tessa Cr 0xp now for trade.

Looking for Lamar Cr full or Elya Cr full.


Done deal.

I am looking to trade my Lamar cr and vickie cr for a tessa cr and something for the difference like Jackie Cr. Open to negotiations. Will also consider smaller cr offers.

If you take more than one lot, they make great discounts smiley

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