wednesday 14/11/2012

I am still looking... there have been a few under even this price on the market

2 0xp Tanaereva Cr
2 0xp Jackie Cr
1 (Lv 3) 0xp Jackie Cr
1 0xp Caelus Cr
1 Edd Cr


2 Tanaereva Cr
3 Jackie Cr
1 Caelus Cr
1 Blaaster Cr

tuesday 13/11/2012

I have no more cards, sold outsmiley

close the sudject thankssmiley

Are u intererested in Tessa lvl4?

All done: thanks staff, this topic can be closedsmiley

I am looking for your Caelus Cr and preferably either L:ouise or Michael

Thanks mods!

PM for fast response

For my Smokey cr I'll accept the following:



Ghumbo + Ambre and 29,000ctz

PM for faster responses

My Jackie Cr (0 xp), Copper (full xp), Coby (full xp), Rhed Cr for your Tanaereva Cr

Up guys.. now mainly just looking for copies of edd cr for my remaining jackie

As expected. Trade done fast as lightning.

Now closing.smiley

Will acccept peeler too smiley

Still selling!~ smiley

No one interested?

Thanks for the offer! but im looking for a better deal

Hello, i have 15 0xp Orenichi willing to trade for clintz or some cards

1 Orenichi 0xp = 450clintz

5 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Desmond
3 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Ottavia
5 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Dwan
2 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Sandro
2 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Redra
3 Orenichi 0xp = 1 Lorna

pm me for your offers


To share - 270 Miho full :

Miho Price: 650 / T

Looking for:

- Cash

- Shifou 5k / T

- Clover 9.8k / T

- Beeboy 17k / T

- Jean 3k /T

The transaction will be in secure trade!

Thank you.

monday 12/11/2012

I'm all in at 11 mil in cards and clintz

Im looking to trade my DJ Korr Cr full xp (16.0M)
for Guru Cr (11.5M) or other big 5 card + compliment in playable CR cards (vickie, tessa and marlysa etc)
all offers will be considered but Guru Cr is a priority.

thanks mods and FO

As specific as the cards are here i would assume this is a trade for guru smiley

I have lamar cr to change but i don't want lots of ards send me a pm

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