monday 12/11/2012

Lol posted Saturday 25/08 smiley

sunday 11/11/2012

Okay then, looking to trade for Dregn 0xp whom's price i estimate to be 70k.
Will be offering 30k clintz plus Lizbeth which i estimate to be 40k.

Thank you.

Im looking to trade my Crs for lots of Beeboy at market prices smiley

Hi, I am interested in your Splata Cr.
I would like to trade my Jackie Cr and 10x Sah Brinak 0xp
To make the trade fair I have other things such as: Robb Cr 0xp, Jane Ramba Cr 0xp, 5x Karrion 0xp, 3x Noodile Cr 0xp…


My X-0DUS 0xp +5k for Tsubame full

Thanks to all smiley

Vickie cr, jackie cr + 100k clintz for tessa?

I want to trade my Tessa Cr (1M) for other playable Crs. I'm really interested in lamar cr so offers including it will have preference. If I get offered lamar cr + something about 250-300k it would be perfect.

If nobody offers a lamar cr I will consider offers including tanaereva cr, kerozinn cr, jackie cr, blaaster cr and cards like that, not interested in large packs of cheap cards smiley

Thanks Mods smiley

Still have 2 vickie cr's full up for trade. smiley


I am looking to trade kerozinn cr 0 exp for kerozinn cr full + complement.

Contact me to negotiate, through PM for fast answers

Thanks mod & FO! smiley

Thanks mod's, you can close this thread

I will trade you 1 full xp Jackie Cr + compliment for your 0xp Jackie Cr

Change that, I'm offering market price. That is currently 135k.

I have a copy of Dregn that I would trade for a copy of GraksmxxT. Dregn cost 4-5k clintz more, so I want a little compliment if you don't mind. Make offers in PM.

saturday 10/11/2012

I offer My 2 marco, leela and 4k for your Blaaster cr

I value Blaaster cr at 125 000 clintz currently
Marco at 56 000 clintz currently
Leela at 9000 clintz currently

(If you dont want leela then i can put in any other card)

If the prices for these cards change i will decrease/increase the offer.

PM me for faster response or negotiations smiley

Buying Blaaster for 125 k

Skullface has been sold smiley

I want to buy 10 Jessie 0xp, I value each at 5,500 clintz so I will give you 55k for it smiley

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