tuesday 06/11/2012

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Hi everybody, my cash offer is 535K
if anyone is interested we can talk about the cards for the difference
thanks all

Amelia Ashley Bhudd Mikki Kimberley Dan Katsuhkay Frank Cesare Also gone!

I gotta agree with Stek here Slevink, 20k for both leaves you about oh 300k at current up on the deal after kate tax smiley

to all offering against tessa, please remember that even at tighest market days there's usually 100k to 150k between them...

and just now it's nearer 400k ( though i guess that's due to Jess taking hers out for collateral and trades in guild )

I sell or trade sigmund cr full, with an evaluation of 700k.

I'm looking for:
Elya cr full (700k)
3 Jackie cr 0 xp (215k each) + 55 k cash
2 Tanaereva cr 0 xp (330 k each) + 40 k cash

If you have other offers, contact me.
Pm prefered!!!

Thanks mods and fos smiley

Ah, Flavio is 0 xp... smiley

Check ps

I'm willing to trade my Marina, Olga, + 10000 clintz for Lady. PM me if you're interested.

Have Jessie Want Saki.

Trade done, thanks. smiley

Trade my nobrodroid 0xp for thorpah 0xp
Nobrodroid 0xp for 16,000 Clintz

thanks mod.

4 caelus cr 0xp

4 caelus cr 0xpo

+1 caelus

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